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Last updated: January 31, 2019

Sociological imagination allows you to be aware of one’s structures and behavior that they surround themselves. However, it can have a negative impact on an individual of how they view things from a different perspective by trying to have a better understanding of how the nature of social work in our daily life.Cooking can be examined in from different perspectives in my perception such as:• It is a way of practicing different recipes.• It can be therapeutic to help relieve stress or clear your mind.• It can be a way to learn about different cultures.• Cooking is an opportunity to bring comfort and bonding time as a family.

• Cooking is an act of creativity.Cooking is a way to connect people together. It can identify cultural heritage in society. Also, cooking allows other cultures to keep keeping their own cultural traditional no matter where they choose to live. My personal perspective for cooking can emphasize my core values and belief. I use cooking to practice and understand the theory behind it.

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It allows me to learn and generate ideas from a different perspective. I learned how to have a better understanding of another perspective of how they may do something and what they believe in just because they are doing things differently in society. In the future, it will bring a sense of self-awareness, emotional, and optimism of other lives. I believe your personal behavior can lead to a positive relationship with others which you can relate to people. Develop learning skills and maintain social in the world around you.In conclusion, I think the sociological imagination is related to sociology because a person must be able to manage an understanding of society. It allows you to see people interact with others in this complex world.

The importance of it is critical that may affect our daily life and the way we view the issues from another perspective.


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