Topic: Education

Last updated: September 5, 2019

Socioeconomic inequalities in health have often made poor health behaviours and psychosocial characteristic cluster in long socioeconomic status. That’s why health behaviour, psychosocial orientation, and health inequality has been hampered because of these factors like poor childhood condition, low levels of education, blue-collar employment, increases in income inequality, negative health behaviour.

According to WHO, poorest household in many low- income countries which spending on smoking and drinking more than 10% of total household expenditure. As a result, these families have less expendable income for necessities such as food education and health care. Thus, in addition to its direct health effect leads to malnutrition increases health care cost and premature death. Smoking may also contribute to the highly literally rate. This is because of money spending high in smoking instead of education.

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Furthermore, stress and hopelessness are also caused people to turn to cigarettes. In short, If the poor family that smoke create poor children that smoke because smoking is an appetite suppressant and they care nothing how expensive. Most smokers think that eating three healthy meals each day is a lot more expensive and a time-consuming so poor person is the relay on smoking and drinking. Smoker doesn’t want to change their behaviour even given incentive to stop the smoking. This is because of sometime this incentive program is for the limited period (one or two years). Some possibility may be incentive are not too much financial benefit to the smoker as compare to smoking.

For example, cigarettes costing on average $25 in Australia, the financial advantage of quitting seem to far outweigh the token financial incentive offered by such programs. Hence, people may not want to change their behaviour.


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