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Society views a college education as a major way to improve someone’s life. Students who graduate from high school and decide to further their education will have a higher chance of becoming successful. The development of higher institutions started when the first European settlers arrived in the United States known as the colonial college. Harvard College which is now known as the Harvard University was the first colonial college founded in 1636. Other colleges include the College of William andMary, Yale University, and Princeton University. (Kaufman). These institutions were founded to provide education to those who go to ministry, medicine, and law, however, in the nineteenth century, their mission has broadened in providing more hands-on subjects like agriculture and engineering.

Today, a college education is vital in building someone’s career. Students can either pursue a two year Associates degree, four-year Bachelor’s Degree, and additional years for Master’s degree or so forth depending on the path they want to take. By obtaining a college degree, they have a higher chance of earning more money than those who just graduated in high school, they have the better chance of getting a job, and they are more useful members of the society. A college education provides more opportunitiesin building a career and preparing in adult life.Students who obtain a college degree will have a higher chance of earning more money than those who graduated in high school.

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According to the article, “The College Board reported that people between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-four with four-year college degrees earned $19,497 more per year than their counterparts with only high school diplomas.” (“Higher Education”). This salary gap shows a significant advantage of college graduates over those who did not pursue higher education however,more than 40% of Americans who owed over $1 trillion in student loans claim that obtaining a college degree is good-for-nothing (Hess). The increasing number of debt problems of students often results in risking their career and future investments.

But relative to the students’ prerogative, earning possibility escalates drastically with a college degree. Applying for a scholarship is one way of funding continuous financial obligations. The boost of career earning every year shows that a collegedegree is worth it.College graduates have a better chance of getting hired compared to those who did not obtain degree. On the advancement of today’s work industry, more and more jobs prefer employees who have a college degree. Based on the report, “85.

2% of college freshman in 2015 said they attended college to “be able to get a better job.” (Eagan). Students who graduate from college are more capable of enhancing their skills and are more likely to receive proper and formal training compared to high school graduates.Yet, some students are beginning to question the value of higher education due to the rising cost of tuition fees and growing student debts. (“Higher Education”).

Many graduates are now in positions where a college education is not a requirement for their job. These positions include bartending, parking lot attendants, taxi drivers, and janitors. These low paying jobs, however, do not offer career advancement in the service industry.

But, college graduates are likely to get qualifiedin fields that offer more opportunities.College graduates are more useful members of society. Henry Bienan, Northwestern University President, says that “college education results in a greater productivity, lower crime, better health, and better citizenship for more educated people.

” (“Intelligence Squared US”). They are more likely to participate in society related activities such as volunteering, blood donations, voting during elections, and they lower the rates of unemployment. Still, some people claim that a college degree is unnecessary to achieve success and become a productive member of society. Famous personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, and Ellen DeGeneres, famous talk show host, comedian, and actress, are only some of the people who have never enrolled neither completed their college degrees.

(Stanberry) These big personalities have made names in America through their contributions and inventions. Although these people have hadachieved success without going to college, many are still convinced that having a college degree is better which makes them more engaged in various community events.A college education is a worthwhile investment anyone can accomplish. Obtaining a college degree is beneficial because college graduates make more money during their lifetime than those who did not graduate in college, earning a college degree is the best way to get a job and have a better career, lastly, they are more productive members of the society. These are only some of the reasons why having a college education is more worthy than those who just graduated in high school.

Investing time andmoney in obtaining a college degree is a major commitment, however, it serves as an initial payment on success. Venturing on college education gives a more fruitful life and rewarding career toward the future. Students must be ready to commit once they started college because, at the end of the day, there is nothing more important than earning wisdom, making life more productive and meaningful. ?Works CitedCurrier, Erin. “How Generation X Could Change the American Dream,”, Is a College Education Worth It?. College Education. Jan. 26, 2018. https://college-education.procon.orgHess, Abigail. “Here’s How Much the Average Student Loan Borrower Owes When They Graduate,” cnbc.

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