Topic: BusinessMarketing

Last updated: March 13, 2019

Society is a significant factor in consumer purchasing behaviour; they include family, friends, peers, roles and statutes. The relationship that the consumer has with society influences the tendency of purchase. As described by Durmaz and Durmaz, (2014,P257) “Everyone belongs to a group of some sort, from friends to neighbours and co-workers. Rather than get left out, people purchase products that make them fit in”. Social factors help consumers in recognising needs and finding ways to solve them.

Within our society, we adhere to certain laws and social regulations that drive how we behave, similar laws and regulations are used by marketers to understand what motivates consumer’s purchases. Consumers engage themselves with different individuals in society that have bearing on brand purchase either directly through recommendation of the product experience or indirectly through observation such as advertising and other marketing tactics. In every group there is an initiator, influencer and decider.

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