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Last updated: March 10, 2019

Social PsychologyNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Social PsychologyDeindividuation, Social Loafing, or Social Facilitation ExperienceOne of the informal groups that I belong to at my workplace is the fitness club which is aimed at supporting individuals are have the goals of having a good physique and to keep fit (Gilovich, Keltner, Chen, &Nisbett, 2015). Members of the fitness club usually meet on weekends to play soccer and participate in other activities that help us in maintaining a healthy physique.

The group is made up of 20 members who are dedicated to helping each other even in times of problems where support is provided to any member having any personal issues (Gilovich et al., 2015). Exercise is an aspect that every individual must incorporate in their lives to ensure a good health status by keeping fit and maintaining weight which if not carefully taken care of might lead to health-related issues (Spiegelman, 2017). Exercise also helps in decreasing every day pressures at work and calming the mind (Spiegelman, 2017). During the meetings held on weekends, deindividuation is always an experience during training (Gilovich et al., 2015). I have lost my self-awareness on different situations, which include during a football match between a local team where I went an extra mile in scoring one goal for my team to win the match.

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Social loafing is also a common experience especially when training for contests (Gilovich et al., 2015). I had a believe that there was no need to train seriously or go extra training hours since all other members participated in the training and would play a big part in the context to get good results.This less effort to participate in the group training negatively impacted the group during the contest as I was unable to fully participate during the contest due to in effective training (Gilovich et al., 2015). Social facilitation happens all the time, as I am able to lift heavy weight when encouraged by the other group members than when I am alone. Working out in the presence of other group members gives me morale and motivation to improve my performance and that is why I always prefer training with the other group members (Spiegelman, 2017).ReferencesGilovich, T.

, Keltner, D., Chen, S., &Nisbett, R. E. (2015).

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