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Last updated: June 5, 2019

Social media is growing rapidly throughout the world.

The introduction of social media has changed the world in many ways. It affects each individual in different ways. Today it can be used as a very helpful tool in changing a person’s life, but at the same time cause such conflicts which can negatively impact a person.

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Everyone in this generation where we are so dependent on technology . let me ask you all this question , Would you want to see our future generation , our future leader , and future role model acting like this ? What in the world coming to?. In order to prevent this I believe that the correct and safe use of social media must be taught in school. According to Correa, Hinsley, ; de Zúñiga (2010), social media sites provides a mechanism for the audience to connect, communicate, and interact with each other and their mutual friends through instant messaging or social networking sites.

Ellison et al., (2007) in their studies stated that 85% of the participants in the study reported having a Facebook account, with the majority (79%) reporting that they spent between 10 and 60 min on Facebook daily. Social Media is a fantastic way to get people to express themselves.

Whether it it be via a Facebook status, writing on walls, Twitter updates, photos you share, these are all extensions of you and your personality. They help portray your interests, your views and help show people who you are. As we can see, as the number of social media users increases, there are five common types of them. Also, we have already known which category that has been dominated by us. Social media is a gift.

It can be used to make or break a business. It can also make or break a person. The truth is, the moral problems about freedom and expression in real life, can now be applied to the virtual world.

Whether we like it or not, or even agree with it, it’s liberal enough to be good for people to express themselves and find themselves. It’s also liberal enough to provide a soap box for less appropriate beliefs.


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