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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Smoking is one of the supreme noteworthy common bad practice all over the world. Smoking is practiced by one billion persons and one- third of the adult individuals.

At the present time, every person knows that smoking is harmful to health still, adolescent girls and boys are initiating smoking. Smoking has become a regular habit in our society. An individual with a cigarette is a normal thing, we can observe them on the road, actors smoke in movies, there are also book personalities who smoke, we have family members or friends who smoke. It is one of the biggest public health warning the world has ever encountered killing seven million individuals per year. Smokers who die early deprive their blood relations of income, the high cost of health care and hamper economic development. The adolescent is a crucial period in the development of smoking habit. The practice of smoking is viewed as true drug addiction and is widespread all over the world.Smoking is related with various of illness and disorders in people.

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The exposure of adolescents in any way to tobacco products can cause a variety of diseases and could impact their psychosocial improvement. Around 4000 teenagers begin smoking each day, though 1500 of the teenagers aged


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