Topic: SociologyHuman Rights

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Similarly another study reported arrests and imprisonment as being associated with decreased chances of dual contraception use (aOR=0.46,95% CI 0.32–0.67) and increased odds of unplanned pregnancy (aOR=1.75, 95% CI 1.

56–1.97 (Chanda et al., 2017)In view of structural barriers, in study conducted by Ippoliti, et al., (2017), Poverty and economic marginalization Violence and stigma Criminalization of people who inject drugs and sex workers Policing of FSWs (results in having to rush negotiations with clients, work in unsafe spaces), Lack of access to safe occupational environments, Parental consent for FP services or ascertainment of marital status for young KP clients. These structural barriers can be curbed by Implementing anti-discrimination and protective laws to reduce stigma, discrimination, and violence against KPs, Engage human rights lawyers to work with KPs on legal literacy and reporting of violence Work with police and the broader justice system to provide proper legal and police protection for members of KPs who report violence, Train police personnel to foster empathy toward KPs, and build FSW–police partnerships, Conduct sensitization training with journalists and other media representatives on issues faced by KPs to improve the quality of media coverage and encourage empathy (Ippoliti et al., 2017).

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