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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Significant changes have been made to equalities legislation in recent years, as mentioned above, particularly in relation to race relations. The introduction of paternity and adoption leave, the right to request flexible working hour’s extended maternity leave, protection and equity of treatment for part-time workers and those on fixed term contracts have all contributed to the creation of a very different working environment. My role as a manager will be to try and mainstream the process where equality and diversity are brought into the core of the agencies work and integrated into day to day activities. It is the process whereby equality and diversity are considered for all functions including policy, initiatives, training and development, implementation and review. This approach will require collective responsibility and implementation and leadership and commitment from the Governing board and all management. Commitment, ownership and understanding needs to be built at all levels within our agency, staff, carers and vulnerable adults.

Embedding equality and diversity in our strategic planning and working environment is essential to achieving the objective. Defining responsibilities for implementation, setting performance measures and monitoring progress will support the agency in achieving this change in culture. Our organisation is committed to mainstreaming equality and diversity into everyday functions of the agency ensuring it is an integral part of all our functions and activities.In support of this the agency has identified the following priority areas,? Identification of data requirements and collection methodology where gaps have been established.? Development of staff and carer consultation procedures.? Management and staff education and training? Carer recruitment, approval and retention assessment? The requirement to continue with equality monitoring in staff appraisals and carer annual reviews.

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? Review policies in line with the requirements of new legislation.The implementation of Equality and Diversity strategies is an on-going process of cultural change. Specific action plans with targets and performance measures need to be in place to address policy areas. All staff and carers have responsibility for the implementation of this strategy and supporting policies and to apply them in their day-to-day work.The following list reflects the major pieces of relevant legislation that we work with in Health Care, in addition to the major anti-discrimination Acts, clauses within these other Acts focus on anti-discrimination requirements. ? The Care Standards Act 2000? Care Planning, Placement and Case Review Regulations 2010? The Disability and Equality Act 2010? The Human Rights Act 1998? The Health Care Act 2014Outlined in the UK National Standards for adult Care and Code of Practice on the Recruitment, Assessment, Approval, Training and support of Carers 1999 Alongside this is Ofsted requirements and Inspection of are compliance with the above and how we promote Equality and Diversity.

Examples of how we show this is by providing training to staff and carers on this subject and discussing during supervisions. With the work completed with young people during and through participation groups, covering this subject with them. Also seeking feedback from carers, clients and people in contact with the services we provide.


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