Topic: EducationAcademic Performance

Last updated: December 26, 2019

Significance of the study:
This research study provides information about the difficulties faced by Pakistani special children in pursuing their academic career.

It is a fact acknowledged that special children are an important part of our society they have been neglected, and are deprived of seeking better education. Due to lack of awareness and the ill-disposed behavior of their peer group having no disabilities, they find it difficult to seek knowledge in inclusive schooling system.

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They face various forms of discrimination which leads to exclude them from society and schools. While lack of access to schools is a primary issue across the country for lower middle class, an equal concern is the inability of the education system to ensure quality and better education for children with disabilities. 
The main purpose of this research is to highlight issues of special students regarding studies and to make it compulsory to provide them with facilities which help them improve academic performance, develop personal skills, implement career plans and participate as educated and cultivated citizens of society.
Quality education is the basic right of every child. The situation is more pathetic in schools under the government education system for children in semi-urban and rural areas than big cities. There are none of any separate schools for special children in such areas and parents often prefer not to send their children for inclusive education due to lack of special technology and trained teachers . With the help of this research article, Educational institutes and several NGOs working in favor of the rights of special children would be able to take necessary steps and make it compulsory for teachers to gain knowledge about how to teach children with disabilities and how to spread awareness in other students to accept disabled students in their class without showing a negative, hateful and sympathetic attitude towards them. Further, they would be able to make sure that children with disabilities are not excluded from the general education system on the basis of disability.

Studies which focus on the perspective of the children with disabilities disclose that special children like to study with normal children but they lack confidence and are afraid of being bullied by them. Educational organizations need to realize that an inclusive education system benefits children from all groups in society, not just children with disabilities, but normal children by inculcating tolerance, acceptance and appreciation of diversity among them. Special students are blessed with some extra ordinary skills, they should be encouraged to pursue their education and provided by such platforms which help them to groom their skills.

This research paper demonstrates the rights of disabled students in the field of education and how by following some techniques and methods of teaching would make special students seek quality education without any kind of hurdles.


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