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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Should School Start Later? Every kid hates getting up early to go to school. As kids grow up, they change schools from Elementary to Middle school to high school and the start times become earlier. Schools start so early in the morning that kids cannot concentrate on learning. Most kids in highschool and middle school tend to start focussing around two hours after school starts. School should start later because students would be able to focus and concentrate better and students would not be tired. Kids and adults need at least nine hours of sleep in order to have a healthy day.

But since schools are starting school early, they cannot get the appropriate sleeping time. Even when teachers arrive at school at the same time as students, students are more tired because their younger. Many studies have shown that students are more likely to show up to school and not skip classes to get a nap in, another study shows that kids with a good amount of sleep come to school with full health and are likely to get better grades. There are legit studies done by scientist and universities.

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Most teachers do not want school to start later in the day, due to the fact that kids would not be in school for long, during the day. Government requires schools to have 8 hours of school per day. But if school were to start later in the day. You would get out of school later (About 5). If school started at 9:00am school would end at 4:00pm. Also this would mess with schedules with sports and off campus activity. To fix that, school principals and staff have gathered around from around the county to discuss whether or not to start school later.

Around 65% of teachers and staff do not want school to start later.


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