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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Should Money be spent on Space Exploration?For many years, many developed countries have invested heavily on big projects that are meant to aid in space exploration with an aim of gaining a scientific milestone that will be very valuable in the future. However, these ideas are objected by some people who feel that the huge budgets shouldn’t be spent on projects which will cause more harm than good eventually. Notably, space exploration has always been used as a competing tool for the most advanced technology among many countries which has accelerated technology growth.

A country that invests more in space exploration is automatically termed as the nation with the most advanced technology. Also, space exploration gives more information different from the available one on earth which is vital in future management such as some expected celestial processes that might affect life on earth. On the contrary, many countries prioritized space exploration at the expense of other essential issues such as the rapid climate change, high costs of living which causes poverty, and homelessness. The huge budgets used in space exploration can alternatively be used to raise the living standards of the financially unstable citizens to enable them start businesses, build better houses, and secure better employment opportunities.

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Raising the living standards of the people will definitely solve more problems than space exploration. In conclusion, expenditure on space exploration is a debatable topic that contains weighty arguments from those for and against. Personally, I think that both space exploration and the initiation of projects to raise the living standards of the citizens are both very essential projects which will better people’s lives. Thus, the governments should considerably balance the allocations to minimize wastage and optimize the efficiency of each and every project. The government should prioritize the most urgent projects and have the other projects as the best opportunities forgone.


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