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Last updated: February 1, 2019

Should hunting be banned? I personally believe all forms of animal hunting should be prohibited across the nation. Hunters kill more than 200 million different animal species yearly and are the main reason why animals suffer, are endangered, and eventually become extinct; yet people still don’t have the heart to stop.Hunting was once considered a test of courage. It has now become the unwanted battle between man and nature, which is just another way of called it the massacre of helpless animals. Although people may get joy out of this ‘sport’, getting rid of it may keep a balance between nature and man.

The total number of people who hunt annually (at the age of sixteen or over) is over 12.5 million. I firmly believe that this number could be lowered greatly if hunting was banned globally.In addition, I find it barbaric that these people are still killing even endangered animals, and it’s all for what? Money? Fame? A fur coat!? In my opinion I think that killing animals for our selfishness is pointless. This is because we have already got warm materials such as cotton from plants and silk which is also a natural product from animals, and there is no animal harm in the making of these materials. Also, if you are killing for the meat of the animal, you could just go the local supermarket and buy a free-range chicken! Yes, I do eat meat occasionally, but I wouldn’t go out with a gun and start performing this atrocious act on harmless animals every year. If hunting and poaching go to such extremes that animal population decreases juristically, we will not have the right protein we need to survive causing us to slowly reduce in population. Therefore, even though you may not have thought about it, the execution of these animals also has a substantial impact on us.

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In our modern society, there are one million jobs in total that relate to the hunting industry and this is quite an appalling figure. So, I believe there should be a severe punishment for this cruel act.


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