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Last updated: June 7, 2019

Shoot length (cm)All barley cultivars showed negative relationship between shoot length and mannitol concentration while increasing mannitol concentration led to shoot length decrease in most treatments. These results in the same line of root length and it clearly indicated that increase in root length helps to increase in shoot length. All the cultivar showed common reduction rate in shoot length with increasing concentration of mannitol in comparison with control. All studied barley cultivar have shown slow growth in shoot length at 500 mM mannitol in comparison with control (Table 5). Comparison was carried out between varieties at different stress conditions.

In control condition, variation has been found between all studied barley cultivar. The highest shoot length was identified in control for all studied cultivar. The cultivar Giza-126 had better shoot growth when compared to the other genotypes followed by Giza-121. On the other hand, the tow cultivars Giza-2000 and Giza-118 showed inhibition of growth at 250 mM and 500 mM in comparison with control.

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