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Last updated: March 16, 2019

Business-to-business means when one of the business makes a sales/purchases of products or services with any other business and have to close relationship with the customer for business long-term relationship and success. Most of the transactions show up between a producer and distributor or wholesaler and retailer and the B2B mechanism is complex.Business-to-consumer capability sales to a consumer or end user from business with impersonal and mass communication and the B2C mechanism is simple.Influence the demand between B2C and B2B with Pure competition, Monopolistic competition and Oligopolistic competition.

In the 21st century, large organizations, with a large workforce will no longer exist anymore and there will be mini-organizations to replace also. All the corporation’s goals to make the profit with growth the company over year by year. In order to achieve that require to have power, Employee pride and development, Quality Products and Services, Market Leadership, Challenging, Joy of creation and Service to society. That is the factors influencing the strength of their influence. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory includes the introductory psychology review of human motivations and represented a pyramid with five levels of needs as below: “The chief principle of organization in human motivational life is the arrangement of basic needs in a hierarchy of lesser or greater priority”(Hagerty, 1999)Physiological NeedsIn this world of organism, food, water, warmth and rest of physiological needs stay consistent.

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In the businesses, funds, goods, assets and human resources are the desire to hold sufficient physiological stability will constantly be essential. Safety NeedsSafety needs may also be unique for each individual, relying on a person is in the life. For a person, this desire may additionally take place as they want for a secure family environment. There has to be secured in the home, with warmness.Between a business, if the organisation struggles financially this can impact on staff morale and feel not safe.Belonginess and Love NeedsThis social level comes after physiological and safety needs as represents the next level. This belonging includes the desire for the partner, friends, couple and get married (or) employee who love to work so many years with the company. Esteem NeedsThis hierarchy has two extremes which our success or failure.

One day may success if having high self-respect and confidence, another way round may fail if low.Self-actualization Self-actualizers are focused on what things most in defining who they are. Once self-respect is gained, the person can take an extra proactive strategy to better themselves, as nicely as being capable to stay focused on resolving any dilemmas


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