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Last updated: October 28, 2019

She walks with the crowd in hope to hide what’s inside. The crunched up shoes take her to the only life that she knew.She coats her face to hide her imperfections, for her only fear lies within rejection. She wears those clothes in hope that it will provide her with protection, never realizing how much she was neglected.

She hides behind that beautiful smile, for she was the only one who knew she was in denialThose blue eyes reminded them of fame,but tears ran down from the moments of pain.Those luscious locks that took hours to curl, gave her a feeling as if she was a servant girl.She slaved over one simple wand, wishing all of her worries would be gone.She walked those halls always fearing she would break,for even those heels would realize she was fake.There wasn’t much she couldn’t take, her reputation was the only thing at stake.

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These halls were hidden with lying words, she found a way to escape them allClick, click is all she heard, always wondering if she would be heard. The pain and agony she could not bear, for all she felt was brutal despair.With these feelings all so hurting, she cried out for some to lift her burdens.

In that instance, the power of love, struck her by someone hovering high above.She heard a voice once that said, “Come with me and you will be comforted.” She grabbed their hand and held it tight, for she knew her life would be changed tonight. She said one line that was so fine,Her meaning behind it was so sublime.She held this hand and said at once, ” you helped me to be the real me, the only one that feels true and free.”Her worries fell and faded out, for the joy inside began to scream and shoutThat coated face once known to all, was now able to expose every foible.Those clothes that once dictated her day, were now a stress-free moment to be awaited.This precious moment brought on confidence, which she hid in fear of consequence.Her eyes were open to a brighter life, for she knew everything would be made right.She shares her story to this day, for she wants everyone to know how she was saved.


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