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Wellbeing and Health Concerns

Before the item was even propelled, there were at that point worries with respect to how safe Google Glass is for regular utilize. Not every person was OK with having a device that always produces cancer-causing radiation so near the head. While other cell phones, for example, an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy additionally transmit unsafe radiation, they don’t need to be in coordinate contact with your skin constantly. Beside this, the implicit camera likewise raised protection and theft concerns. Keep in mind that the Google Glass could be recording or taking a photograph whenever. This implies the individual sitting before you at the metro or at the following table could be taking a photo or film of you. Google Glass is a leap forward idea, however it includes wearing a camera all over, saying things like “alright, Google,” so anyone can hear, and strolling around like it’s cool to do those things in broad daylight,” says Dan Kaplan of Threadling. Another fundamental concern was the likelihood of unlawfully taping motion pictures in films, which is the motivation behind why the gadget was precluded in a great deal of motion picture theaters. It was additionally restricted in gambling clubs where individuals didn’t acknowledge clandestine chronicle. There are just such a large number of approaches to abuse the abilities of the Google Glass. The mounted camera isn’t generally an awful thought, yet it could be in the wrong hands and circumstance.

Tastefully Unappealing

While the possibility of a brilliant gadget mounted on a couple of glasses sounded great, Google Glass’ plan by one means or another looked clumsy and extremely ugly. The item looked like as though it is still in its model stage (which could really be the situation). Not exclusively does it look unnatural, wearing it in a dim back road or even in a swarmed put doesn’t generally solid excessively sheltered; given its cost. Also, if that wasn’t sufficient, recollect that wearers of the Google Glass were nicknamed as “Travelers”.

Little Progress to bring the Product out of the Beta Stage

The Google Glass got almost no advancement two years after its discharge. This prompted the disarray of whether the Google Glass was a genuine completed item or still only a model. What’s more, in spite of intense endeavors to showcase the item (skydivers, design appears, and so forth.), it never truly conveyed anything really functional or progressive to the table. To exacerbate it, the item now and then quits working amid imperative framework occasions, for example, a firmware refresh. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that exploring the menus would feel responsive now and again, the periodic anxiety and languor of applications and menus can be extremely baffling. With everything considered, the item feels like a work-in-advance more than anything.

No Clear Function

The way to making an awesome item is to discover the request or an issue that your item is attempting to unravel. You don’t simply make an item first and discover somebody who’ll be keen on it after. This is a basic advance before deciding your objective market, arranging your advancement methodology, driving in deals, and considering your item a win. Lamentably, this basic guideline in business was disregarded in the advancement of Google Glass.

The Google Glass has two fundamental capacities: to rapidly catch pictures and to have a feed of valuable data from the web a look away. What are the most functional every day utilizes for these highlights? None. Getting the Google Glass offered no unmistakable advantage to shoppers at all. Truth be told, even the designers behind the item weren’t concurring regarding how it ought to be utilized. Some contended that it ought to be worn constantly, while others trusted it should just be utilized in specific circumstances. This likewise came about because of the most exceedingly awful reason concerning why the Google Glass never took off. “So also, in your business, make sure that before you center around the outcomes or result, that you make it completely clear what issues you understand, or why individuals may require what you offer,” says Ian Altman of Forbes.

Google Glass Explorers

At last, the disappointment of the Google Glass was an aftereffect of terrible showcasing. The main rendition of the item wasn’t sold in retail locations. Rather, it was solely sold to “Glass Explorers” who needed to pay $1,500 to be designated “early adopters”. Sadly, this gathering was involved primarily of tech nerds and writers who wouldn’t generally profit by the key highlights that Google Glass brought to the table. Without a doubt, the feeling of restrictiveness was pleasant, yet separated from it, the item ended up being an awful speculation for these early adopters. This was because of the misty points of interest of utilizing the item and the various negatives (low battery life, unappealing outline, and so on.). The most exceedingly terrible part was the way that some tech nerds and columnists are exceptionally obstinate individuals, and they do have the propensity for sharing their encounters through different channels including online life and individual websites. “I was a Google Glass Explorer, and the experience was unpleasant from the begin. Google Glass currently sits in my office exhibition hall of fizzled items,” says Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategies Inc., in this post at re/code. The UI was horrible, the association questionable and the data it conveyed had little use to me. It was the most exceedingly terrible $1,500 I have ever gone through in my time on earth. Then again, as a scientist, it was an extraordinary device to enable me to comprehend what not to do while making an item for the customer.

No Real Product Launch

The item was propelled novelly – give early adopters and an entire slew of famous people Google Glass and let them be the publicizing. In one way this worked splendidly – Glass got heaps of P.R. Be that as it may, in following this methodology Google failed on some basic and necessary parts of dispatch promoting. The first being that any item propelled once reported openly, must finish the dispatch by uncovering a genuine date the item can be acquired. This never occurred with Glass. It’s insufficient to demonstrate an item off and incite want for procurement. You must have a particular day when people in general can get it. In the event that Google Glass had such a date then I for one missed it. Apple AAPL – 1.18% obviously do this wonderfully.

No Mainstream Advertising Campaign

In the event that you look to dispatch a worldwide item, at that point history has demonstrated it’s best to help it with declaration promoting. Doing PR is fine, yet you are never completely responsible for the message. On the off chance that you need to shape open recognition precisely to your details, it truly utilizes paid media to get your key focuses crosswise over in the clearest way. Having spent apparently a huge number of dollars creating Glass, Google ought to have spent in any event $10 million clarifying it. Rather, they surrendered everything over to their advertising office and before long lost control of the key advantages informing.

No Clear Explanation About Why the Product Was Fabulous

With any absolutely new item or administration, organizations must be clear about explaining to people in general why that item is incredible. The center advantages must be spelt out – and close to three key focuses ought to be underlined over and over. In the event that you endeavor to state excessively, (or surprisingly more dreadful, don’t make an unmistakable contention for the item’s sake at all), at that point don’t be astonished on the off chance that it doesn’t get on. Any item that needs general society to invest energy working out for themselves why it’s important has officially lost the fight. One of the issues with Glass was it landed with extraordinary display, however a large portion of us didn’t know how we could utilize the item.

No Easy Way to Buy It

It’s all okay to prod the dispatch of the item and not at first have it accessible for procurement, but rather following a couple of months you must appropriate it through physical outlets or the net. Else you lose the buzz and afterward when the item is at long last presented in stores, the dispatch vitality has been lost. Google prodded us for a really long time, at that point when they saw that the world’s interest for Glass was winding down, it was past the point of no return. The hot new item had turned out to be initial a warm new item and after that only a peculiarity never again notwithstanding gathering much press. You do become acclimated to swiping your finger at the edge of the gadget to travel through different menu things yet regardless it feels inconvenient, and each time there is a product refresh, the gadget appears to crash a considerable measure. You are very much mindful this is as yet a beta item. The voice control is useful for basic orders (“Ok Glass, take a photo”) however quite futile for anything longer or all the more testing, for example, a pursuit or adding a subtitle to a tweet. Some portion of the issue is that Google doesn’t appear to comprehend my British English. An inscription to a photograph that was intended to peruse “cultivate looking bizarrely clean” wound up perusing “Gordon looking I’m typically Thai tea.”


The little camera incorporated with the edge is by a wide margin the most helpful part of the gadget. I’ve utilized it to snatch photographs and specifically video in a wide range of circumstances – viewing a football coordinate from the patios, manipulating and heating bread, getting onto an overstuffed prepare amid a London tube strike. The quality is sensible – proportionate to the camera on a less expensive cell phone – and you do get photographs and edges that wouldn’t occur without a gadget roosted on your nose.


I think the security concerns are to some degree exaggerated – the specific actuality that it looks so quirky makes Glass far less clandestine a gadget than numerous others available. All things considered, you would now be able to get a wearable camera that resembles an ornament and takes arbitrary photographs wherever you go. Be that as it may, a red light blazing when Glass is recording would be a sensible expansion.

Different capacities

At this moment, Glass simply doesn’t have enough capacities. I have discovered it somewhat valuable to hear a ping and turn upward and see a tweet or an email without getting my telephone out. The basic advanced clock on the principle menu is additionally useful when you’re racing to get some place. Be that as it may, getting bearings, particularly given Glass’ failure to comprehend me, is about dependably not worth the trouble, and with respect to perusing formulas from the All of The Cooks application or utilizing the moment interpretation apparatus Word Lens, both have demonstrated too fiddly for this fretful client. The worry is that this item has been in the hands of engineers for a year now however on the Glassware store, there are still just around 60 applications. I have seen different demos of what resemble energizing increased reality applications – administrations that overlay data on what you see through Glass – however so far these have not showed up in the store. I have additionally run over associations, from historical centers to doctor’s facilities to oil organizations, which are investigating energizing approaches to utilize Glass to enhance the work they do. Be that as it may, what is inadequate in this task right presently is energy. At the point when the gadget was uncovered at Google I/O in 2012 with an uncommon live skydiving demo, there was reasonable fervor. Be that as it may, two years on Glass does not seem to have gained much ground. To be sure a few capacities – eminently the capacity to make live video calls – have even been expelled amid programming refreshes. I am as yet energized by the guarantee of wearable PCs, and persuaded this is a pattern that will go standard sooner or later in the following five years. However, that will rely upon intense inescapable systems and gadgets that are both alluring to wear thus simple to utilize that you overlook that you have them on. Google Glass is still being developed, so perhaps it will recover a portion of that lost energy. In any case, at the present time, the early pioneer in the wearable tech race is watching somewhat winded.


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