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Last updated: February 3, 2019

Sexuality is a complicated and emotional issue. One that society strongly regulates. It does so for the good of society not necessarily for the good for the individuals in it. It does through social taboos to discourage abnormal behavior. For the purpose of controlling reproduction. It is a survival response as society requires healthy nurtured offspring to survive, just like the your body needs thousands of new cells to replace its dyeing ones. For that reason society constructs its view of sexuality that will most likely give the best environment for the next generation.
Sex and gender are to separate meanings. Sex is biologically determined by their chromasoms. It is a static characteristic of the body. Science deems sex to be black and white as well as predetermined. Gender on the other hand is fluid and can be determined this day to the next. It is how one thinks of themselves. Usually something along the masculine famine spectrum, however gender can be something off the map such as asexuality. It is one’s self image of themselves. Gender is as changing and as solid as the person it describes.


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