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Sex LifeHistorical and ethnographic research shows that a complex system of customs has been created that allows for safe premarital sex. For example, the sending of girls of a certain age would be transferred from the room (where all the households slept) to the chamber, a place where food and valuables are stored. Sneaking a boy into a house to meet a girl is a common motif of folk poetry, but also when reading the sources, one can sometimes get the impression that the girl’s guardians did not want to disturb it.The girls could start a sexual activity with the onset of menstruation, probably at the age of 14-15 years. The boys probably not much later. Studies of parish registers show that the average age of marriage in the countryside is 20-24 for a woman, and 25-29 for a man. The vast majority of marriages are made between people from the same parish, so the group of potential partners would be quite small, and everyone knows each other. It’s a bit like you had to choose a spouse from the girls you went to kindergarten with.

They know what the sexual intercourse ended because covering cows or horses would a public act that watched whole families. It is also difficult to hide the sexual behavior of people. The children know what their parents are doing at night because everyone, in general, lives in one room. The most affluent sex life may be conducted – except for the harvest, when everyone works together, often late into the night. Generally, it can be said that in the rural environment there is an atmosphere of silent consent for pre-marital relations.

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For example, the parents allow the children to “sleep on the barns” and even explicitly consume the relationship under their supervision if it was after the engagement.A sexually attractive partner is one with whom one could marry and set up an economically efficient family. Infertility is considered a punishment of God.

Children are free labor, so when you did not have them, you had to hire farm hands. In such conditions, the freedom in choosing sexual partners (and in the perspective of the spouses) is more significant than we know it from the times of the village. WeddingIt should not come as a surprise that a rustic wedding has been rooted in Polish culture for many years. It is in the idyllic natural setting that we enjoy ourselves, regardless of whether we come from a large urban center or a small village. Two thousand fifteen turned out to be kind to couples who dreamed of taking a marriage vows in the bosom of nature. All this is due to the amendment to the law on marriages outside the Civil Registry Office building.

It is worth rethinking the conveniences introduced in it, especially when we are considering organizing a wedding in a natural climate. An inn built from thick beams may prove too overwhelming for romantic trinkets, which is why it is essential to look for barns, wooden shelters or manors, which, however, are not overloaded with ornate stucco work. When choosing a temple, you can also consider taking a wedding in one of the beautiful churches located in the villages, among meadows and fields.Charming lanterns, a wreath instead of a veil and cornflowers replacing roses – these are the elements that make up the unusualness of rustic stylizations, in which wood cannot be missing. The cut trunks will serve as racks and trays and will serve as signposts for guiding guests towards the celebration. Plant motifs cannot be missing in the buttonhole, jewelry or even in the rings themselves! Hand-made wedding rings from the wood collection perfectly fit into the idea of a rustic wedding.

These wedding rings are often created on the basis of an individual project of the brides, and this makes them personally diverse. Thanks to this, they will become not only a binding symbol but also an amazing souvenir for life, where the combination of precious metal and wood will be a representation of your attachment to nature.When establishing a wedding menu, it is better not to be motivated by choice of dishes not permanently hosted in domestic menus. It is worth betting on what is known and liked. An unusual experience, although somewhat in line with Polish tradition, maybe burning venison in front of the guests.

Such a feast cannot be served with alcohol. Delicious tinctures and homemade wine will complement the tastes of the party. The idea to thank guests for coming can also be to give them a small bottle of various drinks, kinds of honey, and preserves.Among the gathered guests, the leaders are witnesses, i.e., swat and swacia (a couple that introduced the bride and groom), as well as at least three pairs of three-handed men. You also had to invite the whole family and the village. The most important guests are the elderly: grandmothers, aunts and uncles, children are not often taken away at all.

Now the opposite is true. Meals are served consecutively. Dinner is first. That is meat, necessarily potatoes and cucumbers or tomatoes. – When the guests got up from the table to go dancing, the cooks had time to clean up – recalls Ms.

Teodozja. – Only then are served baked made sausages, meat roulades, chops, ribs, as well as bigos and vegetable salad with mayonnaise. It takes a lot of work to prepare for the wedding reception. It is usually a cook assisted by at least four women to help. ReferenceGlimpses of Sociology in Eastern Europe.

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