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Last updated: May 6, 2019

Seven to Twelve Years – Children of this group age can communicate effectively at play time or in their classroom, they can control the tone of their voice, can speak louder or quiet, lower or high. Children at this age they learn to express their own opinion and speak about a real or imaginary story. Now they can understand and speak around 15.000 words, should use adjectives and verbs to express themselves.

Children learnt to write little letters to friends and family which can include descriptions that are very details. By the end of this group children should have all their speech and sounds. They can easily make a conversation on the phone and they can plan their speech. Can read a book on their own and they have the knowledge to predict words from the book. At this age they developed concept about numbers, time month seasons, and distance.

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Will be able to count backwords from 20, add, take away multiple digit numbers and learning multiplication and division. They will have an increased attention span, they will start to have interests in collections, hobbies and activities which also will can rapidly change the interest. Between 9-12 children can explain relationships between meanings of multiple meaning words of similarities. At this age should use more abstract and specific vocabulary and grammar, their writing will be more complex in sentence than in conversation, they will be more able to think, transfer information and discuss ideas.


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