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Last updated: February 6, 2019

SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT WITHIN A HR DEPARTMENTAs an expanding organisation it was decided by management to formalise service delivery offered to Clients across all levels of the business by creating a service level agreement. The purpose of the SLA is to outline the key service delivery standards agreed with the Clients.

Aims of the SLABy identifying the needs of those who use the HR service it is hoped to build and maintain good relationships to avoid conflict and deliver an effective and efficient service.This Agreement sets out the overall level of service the HR department provide to Client and to all members of staff, the service standards the HR department aims to achieve and a mechanism for resolving any problems relating to the delivery of the service.The HR Department aims to provide comprehensive guidance and advice relating to recruitment, employment and development of staff at Client. The HR department works closely (but not exclusively) with: Heads of Departments, Departmental staff and with the Payroll and Finance teams to ensure staff are recruited and employed appropriately and receive the correct remuneration. Key Priority Areas within the HR DepartmentResourcing and Talent Planning through Recruitment and Selection ProceduresService Level Agreements have been set out for services within the Recruitment process following consultation with the Client. Recruitment supports all aspects of the recruitment process from the point of approval through to acceptance of an offer by a candidate and contract issued. The timelines for the recruitment process begin once the steps have been completed: Post identified, job description created/ updated, person specification created.

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Activity Details SLA targetAdvertising on internet The vacancies should be advertised within 3 working days 3 working daysShortlisting Following closing date of applications, the shortlisting pack should be made available within 1 working Day Maximum of 2 Working Days.Candidates Contacted On receipt of the shortlisting results HR will contact both successful and unsuccessful candidates within 1 working day 1 working dayActivity Details SLA targetInterview Interview packs should be made available at least 2 days prior to interview. 2 working daysCandidates contacted with interview results The successful candidates will be contacted by the HR who will request medical formulary and references for the recommended candidate within 2 days.

The unsuccessful candidates will be contacted by the HR within 3 days by email. 2 working days /3 working daysReferences and medical checks After the references and the medical form are checked, the HR will communicate the start date of the activity. 2 working daysContract Issued Once the start day has been established, the contract will be sent to the successful candidate within 7 working days. 7 working daysPerformance and Reward – Implement Pay and reward practiceThis is to provide support, advice and support to supervisors and managers on the performance appraisal of employees. Complementary to the disciplinary management service is also the performance and reward service.

Customer Service Standards – as the standard of customer satisfaction and customer service standard are higher, the more the customer will return or bring a positive image to the company.Performance measures- Customer feedback following service used is the clearest performance measurementActivity Details SLA targetPerformance Management The number of employees evaluated using Client’s performance and evaluationframework. Every 6 monthsGrievance Process and Support The number of service satisfaction surveys, rated appropriately or above. The higher the percentage of customer satisfaction, the more productive the employees are.

Every 6 monthsEmployee development/ training Average number of days training per employee per annum. If employees adhere to qualification and specialization courses, is a result of the desire to promote in their careers. monthlyPay and reward Meeting the performance indicators, timing ahead or before the limit time, correctly executing reports without having to recover them will be stimulated by paying bonuses calculated like percentages from salarymonthlyService Delivery and Information – Gather Payroll DataFor the Payroll service the HR department will: • register as agents on the Client behalf with HMRC • provide the Client with payslips • calculate Tax and National Insurance contributions • ensure all other deductions have been made in accordance with statutory regulations e.g. student loans, CSA, fines, government deductions etc. • provide the Client with a payslip and envelope to submit payments for Tax and National Insurance contributions to HMRC • calculate annual leave entitlements for all employees • record annual leave and sickness • provide all necessary documentation including p46’s, p60’s and p45’s • complete tax returns on-line annually • make statutory payments when required e.g. SSP, SMP, SPP etc.

• ensure minimum wage hourly rates (where selected) are increased in line with annual and age related increases • complete paperwork on behalf of employees where income details have been requested • adhere to legal obligations and confidentially store records for 6 years.Communication MethodsFace to face meeting: The department communicates effectively with employees through a personal meeting between an employee and a staff member of the HR team. the information is transmitted directly without being influenced by the communication medium, so it will not be lost and interpret errors will not occur. For this, it is necessary to contact the HR department in advance to establish a convenient meeting within the time limit and this can be done on predetermined days or if the urgent problem can be established within a shorter period.E-Mail: Email requests will receive the response to the request in the most recent possible time, but the time allocated for a request in this way is within three working days of receipt of the email. It is a quick and convenient method for both parties but there is the risk of being sent to a wrong address or the email does not contain all the information needed to solve the problem. In this case, additional information will be required to submit an update and the process may be extended beyond the three days.

Telephone enquiries: Phone calls are a quick way to communicate and can be retrieved immediately. The discussion can be done in real-time, the information given and requested immediately, and additional clarifications or additional information can be required to help solve the problem. As an inconvenience to this method, there is the possibility that someone can not answer the call and the message is taken over by the voicemail.

In this case, it takes two business days for it to be processed in order to process the information, and if the information is needed, the process may take more than two business days.Review of SLA with HR DepartmentThe HR team will treat staff and stakeholders with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times and has the right to be treated with an equal level of dignity and respect as all other employees of the Client. Their role, by their very nature, involves engaging with staff who may occasionally be stressed and / or angry over an employment-related issue.Intermittent sample checks will be performed to observe Customer satisfaction through employee satisfaction surveys, telephone logs.Client satisfaction survey – 1 on each 6 months.

The purpose is to achieve 75% satisfaction or more. Target audience: Managers and team leaders Internal customer satisfaction survey – annual survey to all staff to measure impact of HR delivery. To achieve 60% participation and minimum of 75% satisfaction.

Receiving feedback from the Client is a major learning experience and attention should be focused on improving the quality of service offered. Improvement is achieved through better communication, raising awareness and training managers in their responsibilities.Signed:Job Title:Date:


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