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Seminar Short Report 2
Student Name: Bhola
Student ID: 0680828
Venue: R108, 1F Engineering Building 4, NCTU
Seminar: Superconducting Quantum Computing – an Engineering Point of View
Date/Time: October 5, 2018(Friday 11:00am—12:00pm)
Speaker: Dr. Kuei-Lin Chiu
Associate Research Fellow, Key Lab of Quantum Information,
University of Science and Technology of China

About Speaker:
Dr. Chiu did his bachelor degree from National Chiayi University, Taiwan from 200-2004, he got
85.6 GPA, 3rd position among 45 students. In his bachelor, he study on optical properties of
semiconductor materials. Further he finished his master degree from National Chiao Tung
University from 2004-2006, secure 88.2 GPA ranked 2nd in class his thesis topic in masters was
Modeling and optical experiments of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots at high pressures generated by
diamond anvil cell. He achieve his PhD degree from University of Cambridge from 2008-2012.
He was a visiting postdoctoral researcher at Institute of atomic and molecular sciences, at
Academia Sinica, Taiwan from 2012-march 2013.He was RA at University of Cambridge from
March 2013-oct 2014. Currently he is a Postdoctoral Fellow, at Department of physics at
Massachusetts Institute of technology, USA. He publish 6 research papers in reputed journals.
SQC is the process of restraining the period development of big complicated, tangle some quantum
cases in substantial hardware register for enumeration and simulation. SQC has proved that it can
perform better than traditional computers.

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Superconducting quantum computing (SQC) is an implementation of a quantum
computer in superconducting electronic circuits. World top companies like Google, Rigetti, Intel
and IBM etc., currently organizing research on this area because of their vast potential applications
in commercial purpose like in science and defense. SQC based components have good coherence
time, which make different from others solid state systems. SQC study and their applications is
beyond the scope and mostly for information processing and communication engineering. There
are many computation technique already exits, among most popular one is principle is qubits and
quantum gates. A qubits which have two possible states in both quantum superposition.
SQC is designed for RF spectrum for introducing electronics instruments like spectrum analyzers,
frequency synthesizers etc.
The main work of SQCs is in junction in electrical and in normal conductors. The condensed
functions on the two different side weak correlated, allowed to work on different phases, contrary
the case of superconducting wires, where waves continues. The currents passed through the
junction by tunneling. There are three different qubits which flux, phase and charge.

Main Content:
The main aim of this talk is to provide a brief overview of this research area and introducing
different real (practical) aspect that are related to functioning of quantum based superconducting
computing in relevant circuits. He start this talk with the introduction of basic principle of
superconducting qubits, which have mainly two techniques fabrications and measurements. And
next he was describing working process of futures calculation with the help of qubits.
He also give comparative analysis current trends about SQC and different QSC states.


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