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Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Input to Management Efficiency A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Graduate School Lyceum of the Philippines University-Laguna In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master in Business Administration By Richard S. Endrinal April 2018. APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree Master in Business Administration, this Thesis entitled Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Input to Management Efficiency has been prepared by Richard S. Endrinal for approval and acceptance. DR. AILEEN K. BALBA Thesis Adviser PANEL OF REACTORS Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master in Business Administration with a grade of ____________. DR. FLORENTINA JAVIER Chairman DR. JOY C. ASHIPAOLOYE ENGR. NOEL HUEVOS Member Member Accepted and approved in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree Master in Business Administration. Comprehensive Examination _____________ Date _______________ Dr. FRANCIS K. ASHIPAOLOYE Dean, Graduate School. Abstract Title Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Input to Management Efficiency Author Richard S. Endrinal Degree Master in Business Management School Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas School Year 2016-2018 Adviser Dr. Aileen K. Balba The landscape of todays work environment has greatly changed with the economic and political downturn. Well known research firm highlighted the fall of employee engagement from a global and regional perspective. While the construct and dimensions to measure employee engagement are still a work in progress, there is still no absolute well-known and acceptable concept of these constructs and measures. These encourage researchers and reviewers to use the different components and dimensions of unmasked employee engagement. There is still a wide spectrum to explore about employee engagement to be fully understood so that management can draw strategies or manage other frameworks to maximize full employee engagement. The research aims to determine the components and dimensions of employee engagement and investigate its effect on job satisfaction of a semiconductor company highlighting the production department as the core respondents. The researcher believes that production people should be given the weight for Employee Engagement as the subject matter greatly affects the fast-changing needs of the organizations. Numerous studies are done every year to deeply examine the trend of Employee Engagement in organizational strategies and it is clear added value that magnified the discussion in Human Resource for the past years. On the contrary, opinions have been raised for the shallow definition of engagement as merely job satisfaction, organizational commitment or management care outcomes. The Aon Hewitt Engagement model (2015) defined Employee Engagement dimension in terms of people, work motivation, total rewards, procedure, quality of life/values and opportunities. Since the growing industry of Human Resource consultancies had been extensively using different methods such as Gallups, IBMs, Achievers, TinyHRs, CultureAmps and systems are continuously developed, the researcher finds great opportunity for employee engagement to be understood more by the semiconductor industry through this research. The researcher intends to measure the significant relationship between employee engagement and job satisfaction and identify correlation or difference between profile variables of the respondents. The standardized questionnaire modified from the study of Ashipaoloye (2017), was used by the researcher in conducting a survey to measure the correlation between employee engagement and job satisfaction in electronics manufacturing company in Laguna. This study also aims to understand the employees current view of the employee engagement of production department and determine if job satisfaction pose a factor in the involvement of the workforce for organizational goals. The study also revealed a significant relationship between employee engagement in terms of People, Work Motivation, Procedure, Total Rewards, Quality of Life/Values, and Opportunities against the respondents profile. The significant relationship was also found between employee engagement and job satisfaction based on the study results when grouped to profile variables. The management may organize quarterly seminars or workshops to further boost the relationship between leadership style and job performance which will, in turn, be beneficial to the entire organization. The researcher encourages and recommends future researcher to include other support departments to facilitate a wider spectrum of employee engagement and job satisfaction. Lastly, the management may address the differences between employee engagement and job satisfaction by conducting a training needs assessment. Based on the result of the assessment, workshops, and seminars especially in the area of total rewards and opportunities for a more efficient and effective workforce. Keywords employee engagement, employee participation, working relationship, management style, organizational commitment, strategic alignment, production department, relationship, peer culture, personal influence, career, nature of job, rewards, employee recognition, savings and retirement, electronics company in Laguna ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The author, gives glory and thanks to God whom strength, love and wisdom never ceases, to his family Rona his loving and supportive wife and his daughter Althea who inspires him to go the extra mile, andto the great people who surrounded him with a helping hand to make things possible. The author also wishes to express his deepest appreciation to his professors, Dr. Francis K. Ashipaoloye, Dr Joy C. Ashipaoloye, and the panel members, Mr, Noel Huevos, Mr. Ramon George O. Atento, and Chairman Dr. Flora Javier. The author also includes in his prayers those whose names are not included but who, in one way or another, have helped him directly or indirectly to complete this thesis. DEDICATION Chard Table of Contents Title Page Title Page…..i Approval Sheet…….ii Abstract….iii Dedication…vii Table of Contents..viii List of Tables……x List of Appendices.xi Chapter 1 Introduction ..1 Objectives of the Study ..6 Literature Review.7 Chapter 2 Research Design..60 Participants of Study……..60 Data Gathering Instrument..72 Data Gathering Procedure..73 Data Analysis.74 Chapter 3 Results and Discussion…75 Conclusion.107 Recommendation…..108 References….117 List of Figures Figures Title Page Profile of respondents in terms of age 61 Profile of respondents in terms of sex 63 Profile of respondents in terms of civil status 65 Profile of respondents in terms of educational attainment 65 Profile of respondents in terms of section/department 66 Profile of respondents in terms of job status 19 Profile of respondents in terms of position 20 Profile of respondents in terms of years in serrvice 20 Profile of respondents in terms of monthly income 21 List of Tables Tables Title Table 1.0 Reliability Analysis Table 1.1 Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of People Table 1.2 Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Work Motivation Table 1.3 Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Procedure Table 1.4 Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Total Rewards Table 1.5 Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Quality of life Values Table 1.6 Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Opportunity Table 1.7 Summary of Table of Perception in Cluster Farming Table 2.0 Assessment of Employees Job Satisfaction Table 3.1 Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in Terms of People when Grouped to profile Variables Table 3.2 Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in Terms of Work Motivation when Grouped to profile Variables Table 3.3 Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in Terms of Procedure when Grouped to profile Variables Table 3.4 Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in Terms of Total Rewards when Grouped to profile Variables Table 3.5 Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in Terms of Quality of Life/Values when Grouped to profile Variables Table 3.6 Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in Terms of Opportunity when Grouped to profile Variables Table 3.7 Differences in Assessment of Employee Job Satisfcation Grouped to Profile Variables Table 4.1 Relationship between Assessment of Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction Table 4.2 Relationship between Assessment of Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction List of Appendices Appendix A Questionnaire B Statistical Output C Curriculum Vitae INTRODUCTION Employee engagement is one of the best reasons why employees commit themselves to delivering the achievement of the companys objectives and targets effectively. And for this reason, the Human Resource Department has evolved from a managing department for people into a business partner. And as such, Human Resources Department is tasked to align the employees objectives to the organizational objectives. This way they keep that sense of engagement and loyalty to the organization they worked for. According to Markos (2010) that deep sense of engagement among employees is the clear indicator of positive job satisfaction evidently showing the inter-relationship relationship between employer and employee. The level of job satisfaction, employee commitment beyond assigned task and organizational and cultural behavior has been compared to the earlier constructs. Engaged employees are not just functioning according to the assigned task but are also attached to their organization and greatly attached in their job emotionally and with a high excitement for the success of their whole organization and are driven to go the extra mile beyond what is expected of them. Job dissatisfaction drives employees to resort to strikes, work slowdown, disciplinary issues and problems on unsatisfactory performance. By benchmarking best practices of non-formal groups, the autonomy in work groups as work design technic in modern working conditions has improved organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction (Kaplan, 2011). As employee engagement serves as a strong backbone for organizational development that could clearly define the management effectiveness, this should be sustained by promoting high job satisfaction among the employees. The managements concept of employee engagement has been widely discussed and is believed to have a correlation with the satisfaction of every employee. For Gruman and Saks (2012), employee engagement is one of the drivers to improve organizational satisfaction. Employee engagement is also believed to improve the effectiveness of the organization in terms of employee effectiveness in the form of productivity, profitability especially tangible ones, lower attrition rate, increased customer satisfaction and on time delivery as well as adaptability (Sundaray, 2013). Engaged employees are not just people who get used to the routine of their work and master their skills over time but also human who are emotionally attached to their organization and has considered their organization as their second home. Filipinos are culturally and naturally rooted in family oriented and consider the organization not only as an employer but part of their family as well. It has significantly helped them raise their true families. Employee engagement is not only seen by Filipinos as duty bound for the employer plainly but inspiration and reason for surviving the needs of their family. When treated right and just, loyalty becomes the heart of why they are engaged to stay and maintain that level of enthusiasm. The company under study is a semiconductor manufacturing company based in Laguna, a Japanese PEZA registered company engaged in manufacturing of diodes whose applications range but not limited to household appliances, telecommunications, automobile and others and has been exiting for more than two decades now. While employee engagement is a holistic approach where every employees contribution is significant to measure the entire level employee engagement, the study focuses on the production area and its people where the researcher finds interest on their engagement as the core who delivers the goods primarily. The researchers experience as an HR practitioner for more than 10 years has revealed that it is not easy managing workforce even in the Philippines under a Japanese management due to the cultural and social differences and the way discipline is instilled among employees as basis and platform of achieving goals and objectives. The company, since the day it started, has promoted 5S as a discipline concept and Total Productive Management (TPM) in creating an autonomous approach in facilitating Kaizen which allows all employees to seek improvement at all possibilities. While the company has implemented retrenchment for two times already, it has retained a majority of its pioneer employees as well as employees who have served the company for more than five years and above. However, the current economic and political situation of the company has greatly affected the rate of attrition, from the normal 2 to 3 percent it has significantly been raised to 12. The high attrition rate is brought about by the group of Millenials in the workforce who resigned within the probation period and some seasoned employees who also resigned from their post after years of service. The company also has an aging population with an average age of 36.5 by the time this research was conducted. The rate of absenteeism from the normal rate of 10 monthly now ranges from 15 to 20 monthly. Thus, the level of employees engagement and job satisfaction of this semiconductor manufacturing company needs to be assessed if the management wants to sustain its success as well as to retain its good and valuable employees. The company is also facing a constraint in the achievement of its production target evidenced by the 2-months backlog on shipment of finished products with average shipment compliance of 90.5 . The current move of the production department to address this is to have a 4-2 work schedule wherein the production employees will render 4 days work schedules in a round robin scheme for a day off. The two days off will be charged as full overtime in case the production employee decides to work during his/her scheduled rest days. As this scenario greatly affects and involves production department, the researcher decided to give concentration on production employees as the major respondents for this research. Employee engagement according to many studies has a tremendous impact on job satisfaction it will be a great opportunity for management to reflect and act on its effectiveness as an organization. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The study describes the Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction in a semiconductor manufacturing company Input to management effectiveness. Describe the profile of the respondents in terms of age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section/department, position, job status, length of service, and monthly income. Determine the levels of employee engagement in terms of people, work motivation, procedure, total rewards, quality of life/values and opportunity. Test the level of job satisfaction. Test the significant relationship between employee engagement and job satisfaction when grouped according to profile variables. Inputs to Management Effectiveness. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Employee Engagement The most important aspect of every organization is the people who serve as the bloodline of the processes that makes them a life-essential part fo the whole aorganizaton. Employees who work beyond what is commensurate for their effort are considered engaged and is valued as the most prized asset for every organization (Kumar and Sia, 2012 Khan, 2013). The organizational performance and stakeholders worth is intensified by the strength of employee engagement in domestic and global firms through encouraging and concentrating on addressing high turnover, nurturing the culture of customer oriented organizationo (Molinaro and Weiss, 2008 Markos and Sridevi, 2010). Engaged employees is clearly identified on the way task are delivered based on expected results with a positive attitude having clear expectations aligned with the organizations goals, which is important for its progress and development. The way things are communicated to the employees is a must as it becomes a pillar of support, a solid foundation and strengthening corporate culture that serve as n for the management of every organization (Sengupta and Ramadoss, 2010 Panda, 2011 Shuck and Herd, 2012). The principle of employee engagement was long been conceptualized since the early times and has noticeable evolved until today. Armstrong (2013) realizes that there are numerous ways of defining employee engagement and accepted definition is really yet to be defined and argued upon of what it means. With the current research development, highly engaged teams were selected on the basis of engagement scores, but when the lid on these teams was lifted, we are finding illusions of engagement, that is to say, teams see themselves as truly attached, but when asked in their own way this means, employees describe job satisfaction not engagement. Gallup (2013) research defines employee engagement as coming to work and doing what is needed and what the employee is capable of and going home happy. For some, engagement is much more than job satisfaction. Engagement is a clear manifestation of employees behaviour, where they choose to go beyond what is expected and give the very best of themselves at work. The employees iniatiative to express their passion and commitment within their organization and the reason to justify to stay as a form of assurance and the level of dedication manifest in their work is how Karanges, Johnston, Beatson, and Lings (2015) defined enegagement of employee towards work. The workforce who face the emotional-cognititive practices define their tasks and performance relative to employee engagement. There is a different dimension of employee engagement where emotion, physical, and cognitive engagement is evident in their day-to-day work. (Eldor Harpaz, 2015). The needs of employees to be honed of their skills are primarily the managements responsibility. It is addressed by providing proper training and realizing a conducive workplace environment in turn, employees have the responsibility to provide a meaningful contribution to the organization. Employee engagement is seen by many organization as an important platform, however, there is no absolute formula to ensure a program will work to increase its level (Wang Chia-Chun, 2013). As pinned by Pickering (2016), as manufacturers strive to retain highly skilled labor in todays tough economic climate, increasing employee pay is not always an option. A more feasible yet highly effective retention strategy instead focuses on increasing employee engagement. Initiatives in retaining valued employees can be promoted through intensified employee engagement activities. The same is true as its affects the increase of the organizational performance. Based on a recent study, there is a 70 percent increase in the productivity of engaged employees. There was also a 78 percent clear improvement in terms of safety manhours, 70 percent decline in the rate of attrition, 86 percent increase in terms of customer satisfaction and 44 percent tangible effect in terms of profit. The gap in the required skills is primarilly the manufacturers challenge to address their workforce inabilities to meet the demands are pressures worsened by persistent downtrend on job engagement among their existing employees. The search to increase the level of employees among manufacturing firm is now a great concern in order to minimize the rising level of attrition and other incurred damage to the workforce. As discussed by Ng (2013), existing facts are emphasizing a direct need to engage and develop existing workers in manufacturing. An index shows that for manufacturing or production workers, only one in four or twenty-four percent has engaged workers, and is ranks last among twelve occupations type. Results also reveal that among manufacturing laborers, significantly 50 percent were disengaged, they are rationally assesed out of their jobs but they are still satisfied with few job requirements, and 26 percent were found dynamically disengaged, and found out to be unhappy and undermining his or her (Gallup, 2012). A report on employee engagement and job satifaction revealed that several aspects should be given emphasis as it raised significant numbers like opportunities to use skills and abilities with a rate of 63 percent. The 61 percent was attributed to displaced job security and was pointed out as the top contributor to job satisfaction. The 57 percent rate is attributed to the communication between employees and senior management and 54 percent is about the relationship of employees with immediate supervisor and rated as among the highest factors identified (SHRM, 2012). Organizations that cultivate and encourage their employees to fill positions that require advance degree of skills can create lower-level positions that may be filled easier, the SHRM summarized. The term employee engagement has been associated most of the time on the way it is aligned to the organizations mission and its employees direct relation to it and proven by the attitude to work (Rahiman Kodikal 2017). The kind of work, the level of stress and the working among healthcare industry are factors that have an impact on their job attitude are now a concern among HR managers. Satisfaction of such employees is influenced by Job-related attitudes like satisfaction, leadership, work commitment and job involvement. Employee satisfaction is the rundown of commitment and engrossment towards their organization and its value. An employee with a optimistic attitude is well aware of the forces at work of business, can polish organizational environment, leading to a all-inclusive development in the satisfaction and efficiency of the entire organization. The study of Rahiman Kodikal (2017) suggests that positive effects may lead to better productivity of employees. An experimental analysis was done to identify the factors that have a direct effect on work attitudes and the survey in a Healthcare industry. Statistically, P test, F test, correlation, and regression after validation showed a significant relationship between the attitudes of employees and satisfaction. Attitudes relative to job and organizational satisfaction are the fundamental research issues in industrial psychology. The relationship between these factors is essential in every organization for maintaining the adeptness of a business enterprise. Research done to test the rate of productivity of similar industries and establishments concluded that some enterprises tirelessly operate much more competently than others. (Gibbons, R., Henderson, R. 2012). From the comparable enterprises which clarified the trend in productivity differences comes along the HR practitioner that focuses and getting extensive weight among specified industrial settings as focus for studies (Bandiera et al. 2011). Job satisfaction has been an important parameter in every profession. Among healthcare services and the medical profession, job satisfaction is considered one of the key issues determining the growth of the system (Platis 2015). The work of the manager in general is to execute job among the subordinates and cascade information to co-workers. The possible link between impact of employees work-related attitudes and job satisfaction is visible among progressive organization (Rahiman, Kodikal, 2017). Employee relationships with management, and work environment. (Markey, 2012) are extending to the magnitude of employees emotional, cognitive and personal commitment are all expected at work (Seppala Cameron 2015). The 1985 work of Deci and Ryan has greatly influence to the most significant study on employee engagement (Berens, 2013). From that study, it propagated to a primary work by distinguishing motivation in a holistic approach. The psychological needs for competence, autonomy, and emotional connection are the things that inspire the employees to initiate behavior crucial for psychological health and well-being of an individual and if fulfilled this may lead to finest function and growth. Employees commitment directly affects the level of satisfaction (Vandenabeele, 2014). The ways employees realize their valuable within the organization creates them engaged and committed and find meanin to their work. For Bolman and Deal (2014) when Self Development Theory is leveraged it creates an opportunity for employees autonomy, and furthermore, employees can promote encouragement to their immediate circle of peers. The benefits of intrinsic rewards is the product of what transpire form the said inspiration.. In order to attain an increase in employees participation there is a need to find meaning in work though, there is no assurance that the employee will be involved. In order to achieve employee engagement, the need for independence or sense of independence, intrinsic rewards, and influence are essential to achieving this. (Bolman Deal, 2014). In the long run, employee engagement influences certainly on employee behaviors, leading to organizational success, as measured against indicators such as productivity, profitability, safety, customer satisfaction and corporate reputation, employee commitment, key staff retention among others particularly in changing labor markets (Dickson, 2011 Mathis and Jackson, 2011). The work of Macey Schneider (2008) posited that many of contemporary definitions of employee engagement lack the rigor of academic study. Mainly employee engagement were essentially derived from business, psychology, and human resource consulting practitioner perspectives. Thus, the key driver according to the literature explored on employee engagement, are workplace culture work-life balance policies and practices, work-life balance was higlighted that triggers employees satisfaction. ( Susi and Jawaharrani, 2011). Newman and Harrison (2008) on the other hand looked at engagement from three viewpoints namely satisfaction in a job, workforce behavior, and participation. Cook (2012), realizes engagement mainly thorugh positive response of the employee that has genuine concern over the organization, senses about the organization and is hands-on in relation to achieving organizational goals for customers, coworkers and other stakeholders. Feelings of urgency, focus, intensity, and enthusiasm are feelings of realizing employee enggament as well as conducts which consist of persistence, proactivity, role enlargement, and flexibility. Macey (2008) An employee engagement model was suggested in value chain in which engagement feelings lead to engagement behaviors and engagement performances lead to satisfaction outcomes Macey et al. (2008). Engagement is a condition of mind where employees are directed towards indepth concern in the companys achievement and are both enthusiastic and driven to perform to levels that surpass the stated job requirements. It is the product of how employees perceived work experience in the organization, its frontrunners, the work and the work environment (Cummings Worley 2015), The employees feeling of being compelled to work for an organization are relatively based on creating conditions under the theory of commitment, while to bring about a situation in which the employee by free choice has a fundamental desire to work in the best interests of the organization is basically the intention in engagement (Hellevig, 2012). Engagement of employees as per recent studies shows that is a psychological commitment to their work, and the desire to go beyond and above their basic job expectations, and the hunger to deliver a primary role in fulfilling the undertaking of their organisations, disengaged employees on the other hand were said to be not involved and unresponsive about their jobs and more often express their opinions about the not so good things about the work and the organization. (Gallup, 2013). Other studies conducted by Gallups workplace engagement across the globe reveal that engagement is not the thumb rule in any country. In a study where Chile was the subject, results showed that employed workers worldwide exhibit only 13 rate of engagment at work while employed Chileans showed only 4 out of 10 that are engaged at work. Among other countries under the said study, The seruslt is quite interesting that employees in Chile work more with less productivity as the kind of leadership greatly the employees in terms of proper and efficient utilization of the skills and talents of its workforce. In another study where U.S is the setting this is somewhat different where only 30 of engaged workforce was accounted for the most productive economy in the world. With the objective of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of employees engagement at work a controlled process that includes discussion, team involvement, psychological enticements, and responsibility was considered in the process (Business Journal, 2016). Several works of literature were posited by White (2008) based on that the mature the employee the more engaged they are, with employees born since 1980 being the least involved members of the workplace. The motivation behind that engagement is different from individual to individual taking into consideration the individuals demographics and, personality. Millenials was noted as employees that are globally disengaged where India is an exception it shows that all generations have developed engagement levels than other countriest under the said research. The work of Talentsmoothie, 2008, cited in Asthana, 2008, on the other hand, suggests that the lack of experience in the new generation of employees might be responsible in bringing a lack of transparency over what they want from their workplace. The research was however contradicted by Talent Smoothies research where Millenials were noted to seek jobs that they love and do not live to work. Engagement was found to be the significanr and dominant problem among Millenials. Based on Gallup survey, about 49 of employees who are not engaged in Indonesia come from a Millennials (Gallup, 2016). Some of the reasons highlighted by the Millennials is tempted at a higher salary offer from another company (Radjasa, 2013), the promise of career advancement (PwC, 2011) and the conflict arising between generations (Birkman, 2016). For Bejtkovsk, (2016), employees who belong to the group of baby boomers has more inclination to value job security and a stable work environment, while the Millenials are more expected to leave a job and looking for a more challenging choice and a higher salary. With the trend now, the company is now dealing with the entry of Millennials into the workforce. The presence of the three generations working side by side within the company, were identified as the generation of baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y or better known as the Millenials. Hernaus and Vokic (2014) suggest that employees of the same generation group have certain features, which disturb their viewpoint on life and work. These groups of people from different generations have different life experiences that ultimately affect the values and attitudes when working. Studies conducted on employee engagement associated with the generation have been done by Park and Gursoy (2012) and Hlongwane Ledimo (2015). Result from the study presented that the level of work engagement varies depending on the generation group. Millenials were identified for a lower engagement work compared to the older generation. Another study conducted by Havens (2013) concluded that the predictors of engagement for each different generation is different that a well planned strategy is needed to improve it. Research conducted by Fatimah et. al. (2015) measured the difference of the different generations by defining individual characteristics of baby boomers, generation x, and Millennials. The study saw the impact on employee engagement. However, the researchers have not found the direct link of the values of a generation with employee engagement. Meriac, Woehr, and Banister (2010) suggested that the aspects getting the more significant faspect of research on generational differences are related to work values and attitudes. The kind of employees and the kind of leaders governing them also play a great role in achieving the full potential of employee engagement. Numerous studies regarding the leadership style of any given organization have shown that it has both positive and negative influence on how engaged employees become. Atwater and Brett on their 2006 work and as cited in Xu and Cooper, (2010) firmly supported the study, wherein they identified three leadership behaviors, specifically employee development, tolerance for consideration, and satisfaction-orientation. They posited that the first two behaviors are categorized as relationship-oriented and the third as task oriented. They further identified that employee engagement contains facets of work on which leaders can take action and plan for improvement. In contrast the works of Xu and Cooper (2011), were opposed by Papalexandris and Galanki (2009), the study recognized and concluded that engagement has two elements which are definitely associated with management and mentoring behaviors such as conveying confidence to supporters, power-division, communication, providing character clarification and expression of vision which could be characterized as inspirational, visionary, vital and team-oriented. They recognized that only leaders behavior that is associated with engagement, are those that enhance followers satisfaction thereby helping them relate to organizational goals. While leadership style has a great influence on employee engagement, (Bindl and Parker, 2010 Bakker et al, 2011, as cited in Welch, 2011) believe that communication within the organization is very critical for safeguarding employee engagement. They further identified in their studies that engagement is affected by internal communication. The motivation behind that communication facilitated within is an organizational practice, which effectively conveys the organizational values to all employees and thus, obtains their support in reaching organizational goals. Thus, internal communication is crucial for ensuring employee engagement. In line with this, Welch (2011) in her research established a conceptual model, which expounds the influence of communication on employee engagement. The model identifies engagement as a three-component paradigm. The three components are Kahns emotional, cognitive and physical dimensions. Bhatla (2011) on the result of his study mainly focused on employees need and where their involvement can deepen the progress and elevate their work efficiency thereby contributing to the organization as a whole and the obstacles faced by the HR managers to develop and increase employee engagement for an organizations survival. On the other hand, strengthened importance of employee communication on the success of a business is what Shashi (2011) pointed out. She emphasized the need for organizations to understand that employees are the most substantial and most powerful contributors to an organizations sustainable competitive position more than success factors. According to Sibanda et. al. (2014) in general, there is no absolute formula as to what drives employee engagement in organizations. The usual catalytic agent has included promoting employee participation in decision making, job enrichment, creating opportunities for internal career mobility and promotions, having clear job descriptions and job-based skill training (Subramony, 2009), mostly establishing a sense of feeling valued and involved and therefore trusts their employer (Johnson, 2014). Ologbo and Saudah, (2011) pointed based on their study exposed that employee engagement should be experienced by distinguishing between job engagement and organization commitment. The uniqueness of every employee helps elevate tactical employee engagement because it examines the job part and role of every member of an organization in alignment with the organizational business goals and its human capital strategy in a wide range of attitudes, behaviors and intentions that have great impact on satisfaction, efficiency and policy delivery. Similarly, Sinbada et., al. (2014), further posited that, there is no absolute answer to employee engagement. The approach should be able to have equilibrium from where engaged employees robustly identify the success of their organization. The employees contributions is a sense of fulfillment and an elevated feeling of self worth as part of the organization. Therefore the said study on engagement model helps organizations evaluate the most profitable catalyst of employee engagement in having a win-win situation (Bedarkar, Pandita, 2014). The Aon Hewitt model (2015) for employee engament scrutinizes not just the individual state of engagement but also the organizational precursors. Engagement is defined as the room of emotional and intellectual involvement that influences employees to do deliver their work at its best. For over 15 years of research in the area of organizational psychology the model has been affirmed and supported with a global validation. Aon Hewitts Engagement Behaviour Mode The model suggests that engagement is an individual, psychological and behavioral state and the behavior of the engaged employees exhibits positive outcomes in the business like customer satisfaction, increased sales, and other positive extra-role behaviors. In relation to this, it also reflects the biases related to the effort-reward or work-life that would generate stress and that may result from burnout and further increase in the rate of attrition in the organization. The difference between engagement and burnout as two different and opposite concepts is a very important consideration to take. With the fast-changing environment and the stiff rising competition, the biggest challenge is to keep the employees engaged and a sustainable. Nowadays employee engagement has evolved and move from consulting minding HR literature to adopt rigorous academic journals, the engagement construct has been unmanageably conceptualized and defined (Macey Schneider, 2008), resulting in potential misguided use of the construct. In view of engagement as perceived by many, is an individual phenomenon factors that stimulate it differ from one organization to the other. The management recognizes the aspects that serve as engagement drivers such as organization and job design, rewards and opportunities for training and development and argues that these aspects should be matched with job characteristics, which embraces feedback and job clarity. The emotional engagement can be increased by combining other factors, the consequence of which includes positive organizational citizenship behaviors from employees, quality products and improved financial satisfaction of organizations. Psychological engagement motivates employee to be inspired. Self-Determination Theorys concept suggests that employee motivation is attributed to the psychological needs as suggested by La Guardia (2009). It is a form of development in the sense of identifying ones self towards core motivation, which results in the outcomes of interest and engagement. Embracing the possibilities and commitment can influence an individuals value, behavior, and goals, which are healthy factors for an individuals identity (La Guardia, 2009). The substantial relationship between intrinsic motivation and flow experiences wis the result of the study concluded by Fullagar and Mills (2008). That certain continuity or flow is felt as a rounded sensation the employees experience when they are totally engaged with their work (Fullagar Mills, 2008). Autonomy plays a factor for boosting engagement as it is related to the result of considering engagement as a psychological need. This is also being associated with the intrinsic motivation and flow of the process. In order to strengthen the claim, it has to be supported by evidences of hardcore data that specificifically details the individual employees generations they belong. The demographic characteristics have been found to be important as they have an influence to employee engagement that delivers knowledge of demographic trends within the labor force (Buttner, Lowe, Billings-Harris, 2012). The challenge for the management to involve younger workers is through monetary compensation. Studies have shown that younger workers easily leave their organizations for lack of economic reparation even if the occupation is consistent with their needs and desires (Butler, Brennan-Ing, Wardamasky, Ashley, 2014). The great deal with Millenials is the unwillingness to make personal detriments for a career and then nature of becoming less loyal to their organizations are uprising (Festing Schafer, 2014). Baby Boomers on the other hand are less susceptible for monetary reward and more to processes and loyalty to their organization (Saber, 2013). The trick is for business leaders to engage Baby Boomers by warranting a long-term contract and a process-oriented organization where they nature normally sets-in (Saber, 2013). The current trend is that Millennials are more likely to resign when they feel that there is no opportunity for promotion or increases in pay within the organization, The challenge for HR practitioners now is to consider dismissal or disengagement strategies as soon as they feel that it is not worth the investment of hirirng them, it is an advantage for their organizations to dismiss a Millennial rather than a Baby Boomer (Hayes, 2015). The global economy and the ups and downs has changed the face the way business is now running (McCuiston DeLucenay, 2010). Employee engagement is a great deal to both the employee as well as the organization. The downside now is the ability of the employees to use contract agreement provisions to hamper the attainment of the organizational goals and objectives. Managements approach to control employee engagement strategies is a new strategy among organizations. HR policies and procedures, legal and statutory requirements is now a perceived organizational support (POS). It helps to influence and guide the process efficiently. The HR hiring practices, flextime, work-life balance policies, satisfaction management and safety issues to the company policies and procedure should incorporated create a culture of engagement at workplace (Anitha, 2014). HR systems need to be well linked and aligned with other managerial practices when dealing with employees (Trehan Setia, 2014), Employee engagement is crucial for hiring process where job-matched should be maximized, it involves dealing with employees by thorough selection, competency assessment, on-boarding up to the time he leave the organization (Schneider, 2009). The call for a stable and sustainable employee engagement is best described by Work-life balance. Richman, et, al., (2008) describe it as a wide sense of factors to a satisfactory level of involvement or suitable between the many roles in a persons life and meeting the goal of any organization. Although a flexible time schedule permits the employees to decide on their own on the start and finish of the assigned task, it still provides a certain number of hours to work. The outcome of positive correlation that linked to flextime and work-life balance and employee engagement exist and is visible in weight of the performance. Satisfaction management that sets meaningful goals and builds employer-employee trust acts catalyst in a form of holistic approach that enhances employee engagement (Mone, 2010). Employees also consider the sense of being appreciated that normally transpire to feel connected to and to be able to identify the employees part in the organization. Aspiration of employees acccording to Belle, Burley, and Long (2014), is in place when they feel acknowledged, valued, and included in the organizational decision-making process. The new practice indicated that employees who have a drive for empowerment are those that were more aware of the procedures. Organizations that invested for a healthy and favorable workplace environment are much more sustainable than their competition (Schramm et al., 2013). Osborne Hammoud, (2017) strongly suggested that leaders of the organzation must foster employees all-inclusively to make sure employee engagement for a more harmonious work environment. Cooper-Thomas, et. al (2014) established that realized expectations and frequent satisfaction appraisals can increase employee involvement and cooperation. One of the weaknesses found is the insufficiency of resources that lead organizations to consider more about cost reductions and increasing productivity and efficiency. The way of simplifying and reducing diviation in processes can significantly reduce cost over time as it directly affects the process to improvement (Emrouznejad, Anouze, Thanassoulis, 2010) coming from this realization, an organization must endure to introduce processes that enhance employee engagement. McCuiston and DeLucenay (2010) suggest that making a shortcut in the process to be cost effective is not always successful. Employee engagement has evolved as one of the primary challenges in todays workplace. Mishra, Boynton, Mishra, (2014) predicted that organizations in the future will continuously be challenged with concerns for involvedness and stringent regulations in many organizations. Based on the said aspect, engagement is an indispensable component in maintaining the organizations vitality, survival, and profitability that challenges management. (Albercht et. al, 2015 Breevaart et al., 2013 Farndale Murrer, 2015). Organizations that have exceedingly engaged employees have greater profits than those that do not (Society for Human Resource Management SHRM, 2014). Organizations with highly engaged employees experience improved customer satisfaction, profits, and employee productivity (Ahmetoglu, Harding, Akhtar, Chamorro-Premuzic, 2015 Carter, 2015 Cooper-Thomas et al., 2014 Vandenabeele, 2014). Cascading the line, leaders have the authentic influence in harnessing engagement of employees (Nicholas Erakovich, 2013). Harmonizing moral perceptions with relational relationships can create a healthy leadership- employee relationship Osborne Hammoud, (2017).. Employee engagement, an offshoot of leadership, is improved when the leader has a direct relationship with employees (Lowe, 2012). The true essense of work engagement and employee empowerment is not just a role that the management should embrace but likewise a work in progress for both management and employees (Nicholas Erakovich, 2013). The kind of leadership and the level of its effectiveness provide vision and vibrant trail for employee development (Souba, 2011). The ability for leadership to effectively communicate is a channel to employee engagement. Employee engagement is part of the leaders thrust in order to align the employees with the administrative objectives and to go beyond what is expected (Menguc, Auh, Fisher, Haddad, 2013). Employee engagement for Anitha (2014) manifest in two essential elements, the first is the disposition to contribute to organizational success and the other is a positive and energized worker who is at a motivational state (Eldor Harpaz, 2015). As engagement among employees plays a significant role in the psychological wellness of an employee, organizations must provide a psychologically safe workplace to improve employee engagement (Kompaso Sridevi, 2010). The culture of psychological ownership and engagement begins when leaders ensure a psychologically safe workplace (Dollard Bakker, 2010). The manner in which an individual feel fulfilled and enthusiastic in work-related activities fosters employee engagement (Nasomboon, 2014). Organizations should develop training programs that center on skills to influence employee satisfaction and promote engagement. Kompaso and Sridevi (2010) defined engaged employees as people who have the emotional connection with the organization. Service training is apparently ashowcase of employee engagement and has a direct effect on the organizations profits (Granatino, Verkamp, Parker, 2013). The U.S. Department of Labor (2015) identified a 35 undesirable percentage of challenge or higher employee engagement for organizations. Therefore, organizational leaders are earnestly finding ways to engage employees for long-term employment. Engaged employees are imperative to have lower turnover rates and higher retention (Ahmetoglu et, al., 2015). In the U.S., thirty percent of employees are engaged at work, while worldwide it has a 13 low employee engagement (Beck Harter, 2015). In addition, for the past 12 years, percentages have changed slowly, which specifies that a high number of employees fail to develop and contribute to work worldwide. Employee engagement has been prominently used by researchers and is being applied to various organizations. More often, employee engagement is raised synonymously with commitment from the organization or organizational citizenship (Slack, Orife, Anderson, 2010). It is also considered as an emotional and intellectual commitment to an organization (Andrew Sofian, 2012 Meyer, Stanley, Parfyonova, 2012). Engagement is present when employees undertand of the necessity to equipped themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally while carrying out daily tasks (Farndale and Murrer, 2015). Saks and Gruman (2014) infused employee engagement within two categories attention and absorption. The amount of time an employee spends effort in thinking about his or her role in an organization is referred to as attention. The level or intensity an employee engages within their current roles is referred to as absorption. Numerous corporate programs and schemes have been put in place to improve employee conditions of service, which would enable a productive ground for raising levels of employee engagement and ultimately their satisfaction. Job security is the primary reason included in the provision to consider a very significant issue with the current recessions, and where the possible termination of employment is highly projecting in many organizations. The training and development aspect is a great opportunity for employees. The increase in productivity, profitability, employee retention, safety, and customer satisfaction are some of the advantage from employee enagagement (Whittington and Galpin, 2010). Job Satisfaction Job satisfaction is the collective financial or non- financial added value by the employees in realizing the fulfillment towards the tangible and intangible goals and objectives of the company (Dajani, 2015). Employee engagement according to studies has a direct impact on organizational satisfaction from factors such as employee satisfaction, productivity, attrition rate, employees commitment, and safety (Demerouti et al, 2010). However, not all researchers totally approved with the impression that employee engagement inspires business success. One classic illustration is the conclusion made by Balain and Sparrow (2009), they posited that the link between employee engagement and organizational satisfaction is insignificant. On the contrary is a opposite connection between organizational satisfaction and employees approaches thus, when the organizational satisfaction directories are high it induces positive attitudes among workers. Employee engagement is an individual-level construct that needs to impact the employee at first and then the effect to the organization at large follows. In a similar strain, job satisfaction and not organizational satisfaction was tested as a direct consequence of employee engagement. Job satisfaction problems normally start distorted and progress gradually. In the early stages, there may be just a few isolated incidents and these may easily be ignored. It is important to deal with a job satisfaction problem in the early stages while the issues are small. Underlying issues of satisfaction can deteriorate to the point of crisis if the early warning signals are not recognized and dealt with. The satisfaction of one has adomino effect that can influence the efficiency of other employees. Poor job satisfaction could be unimaginable thing that can spot the employee, co-workers and the organization at risk. The factors that influence employee satisfaction and inadequate pragmatic evidence that might guide their hard work in enhancing overall job satisfaction among employees are facts that most managers in organizations are inevitably facing (Salleh et al., 2011). The nature of the job is not the only factor to consider in job satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The expectation and the job continuity to an employee also matters (Al-Hussami (2011). HR main functions like recruitment, employee retention, and achievement of organization goals can be improved by considering factors that are identified directly affecting employees satisfaction (Mohammed and Nimalathasan, 2011). Scholars of various discipline try to point out the factors contributing to employees satisfaction in case of different sectors throughout different countries. The increasing competition among businesses has recognized the prominence of the employees job satisfaction to compete in this international market because as the satisfaction of the employees increases, it affects firms satisfaction and ultimately the profitability of the firm. There are a number of factors that may be affecting the employees job satisfaction. Each employee may have a unique or different effect from different things at the workplace (Zahargier and Balasundaram (2011). Bagozzi define that the term attitude is frequently used as a collective expression covering such ideas as preferences, feelings, emotions, beliefs, expectations, judgments, appraisals, values, principles, opinions, and intentions (Onzima, 2011). In reference to the factor issues of attitude, the rapport between attitude toward work and job fulfillment in the financial service industry revealed that work attitude has a positive effect on job satisfaction. Better work attitude would likely mean better job satisfaction. Employees who have a strong level of engagement – are more subjective, high individual creativity and initiative in their jobs resulted to visible innovative ideas and process improvement in the entire organization (Hakanen, Perhoniemi Toppinen-Tanner 2008) In the study of Susanty and Miradiptha (2013) positive impact of engagement was observed on job satisfaction and also contextual satisfaction and employee task satisfaction. These results are parallel with results of Gorgievski et al.(2010) study. Engagement is not limited nor does not mean engaging managers in the process of engaging the emotions and minds of the staffs, rather it means creating conditions under which employees are more associated in accomplishing their work and their duties more enthusiastically recommended to upsurge the level of enthusiasm and career. The effect of Employee Engagement on job satisfaction was anlayzedby Khodaeid et al, (2014), in Isfahan Gas Company. The management of the said gas company invested on ways for motivational factors to put into practice. The move enabled internal organizational leadership to make employee engagement program at the top of their priorities. Adopting a reward scheme and benefit improvement of the employees it has created a favorable context in order to gain self-motivation. Aziri, in 2011 has pointed out that satisfaction subsequent from a job is the tangible result of the employees perception about the job that permits the substance and mental needs is a sensible inference. This is a significant factor that is accounted for as one of the several reasons where we are pointing to competence and value of employees towards job satisfaction. The emerging managerial form shift insists that employees first should be mounted as humans that have their own desires and needs is a critical indicator for the significance of job satisfaction. When we are critically reviewing job satisfaction we can easily establish a relation that if an employee is happy the greater the chances are employees are successful and contented. By always considering the criticality of reviewing job satisfaction, we can easily establish a relation that if an employee is happy it is satisfied. In less developed countries like Pakistan, situation is different due to socioeconomic differences. Most of the private sector firms are experiencing declining situations and slow growth rate. (Anjum, 2014). The level of fulfillment and happiness that an employee gets from its job is a hearty definition of job satisfaction. The sincerity placed in all aspect of ones job will enable comfort, even if the situationis not as sound as it is expected or the level of comfort you look for. Also, the expected output is still managed because of job satisfaction is taking place. Most of the researchers of today are fascinated by job satisfaction and is now a widely researched topic. As they see an in-depth importance in organizational settings, a new definition of job satisfaction was derived from Latham early works. Job satisfaction accoding to him manifest when an employee gets an appraisal from his job in a positive manner. This is the result of the endorsement from its immediate boss or others, the emotions that develop from this is referred to as job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is the outcome of the amount an employees effort and is considered as important and meaningful. The same study revealed a definite strong interconnection between job characteristics and job satisfaction. It was concluded that job satisfaction is greatly affected by a degree by job characteristics. (Hadi and Adil, 2009). Anjum (2014) cited the early work of Hackman and Oldham, That suggested job characteristic in several dimensions such as variation of skills, task uniqueness, autonomy, and criticism that brings motivation in employees about their job performance. It was pointed out, that in order to create high Job satisfaction all elements of job characteristics must exist in work settings. Job characteristic theory is the foreground that is helpful in reducing employee turnover and absenteeism. Also mentioned, that Hackam and Oldham measured how job characteristics magnify employee satisfaction, enthusiasm, and performance. To address these issues, studies have been conducted to scrutinize whether age differentially diminishes the effects of two job characteristics, task diversity, and skill variety. From the examination, the two characteristicsprevail, performing more tasks versus using more skill. It turns out that job characteristics of variance and value to older and younger workers (e.g., Truxillo et al., 2012 Truxillo, Cadiz, Rineer, et al., 2012). In particular, they believed that task variety would be more useful to younger workers for whom it provides the better opportunity to collect and be exposed to several job skills that they need for the advancement of their careers (Truxillo et al., 2012). On the other hand, older workers would not benefit as much from task variety, because of aging, they need not to do more tasks, but would benefit from applying a range of their accumulated skills and experiences (Truxillo et al., 2012 Truxillo, Cadiz, Rineer, et al., 2012). Moreover, in contrast to other job characteristics, task and skill variety have received relatively less attention in the job design research (Morgeson Humphrey, 2008), suwith less of things discussed about it has increased in recommendation in terms of future study. Across these two studies, the author examine two different outcome variables, burnout and turnover intentions, chosen because both are important to an ageing workforce. And although they are different types of outcomesa well-being measure and a behavioural intentionthey are both theorized to be similarly affected by task variety and skill variety in the context of worker age. Specifically, in the first study, they examined how age interacts with task variety and skill variety to affect a well-being outcome, work-related burnout. Martin (2013) in his study interestingly used Hackman and Oldham definitions as the basis for the five job dimensions or characteristics. Skill diversity This refers to the level by which a job requires a form of different activities in delivering out the work, involving the use of a number of multi- skills, and talents of a person. From the facts presented, it entails that the individual will need to develop a variety of talents and skills. Satisfaction for jobs is describe as how contented an individual is the employee of job assignment (Rajat, 2009). The study of Gupta and Joshi (2008) concluded that Job satisfaction is an important method used to stimulate the employees to work harder. Gupta and Joshi (2008) agreed that job satisfaction is very important because most of the people spend a majority of their life at their workplace. Employees have more positive perceptions about the organizations products and services when they achieved satisfaction in their job and therefore deliver a better service. (Bontis, Richards Serenko, 2011). Most research has strengthened the validity of the Job Characteristics Model as the degree to which a job requires a variety of different activities in carrying out the work, which involved the use of number of skills and talents of the employee. Figure 2 Job Characteristics Model Coelho et. al (2010) stated that a clear and well understood task encourages a sense that the job is important and worthwhile thus inspiring the employee to work smart. The foundation built by Hackman and Oldham defined task significance as the degree to which a job has a sizable impact on the lives or effort of other people whether in the current organization or its affecting external environment. With Hackman and Oldham autonomy as they elaborated is the amount to which a job offers sovereignty, independence and discretion to the employees. Accomplishing the task according to the employees discretion although still requires time allows the employee to make the scheduling convinient for them without compromising measures to be used in carrying it out. It is the vertical growth of responsibility, the extent of decision making independence allowed for the employee. Task identity Is the required delivery of a job as a whole to a certain degree, the defined section of expected task that is, accomplishing a job from beginning to end with the visible expected outcome. It requires the ability to work on an entire work process, rather than just on bits and pieces of it. Consequently, to assess whether the job or task has a clearly defined beginning, middle and end is a must in order to establish clarity. Workers usually realize the meaning in their jobs when they can identify and relate to a complete and visible outcome and expected result of over-all performance, or of a work cycle. Process (Coelho and Augusto, 2010). Task significance The extensive influence on the lives of other people as the job is being done, without bearing in mind the level in the organization or in the international scene. The task and the job is significantly related to each other in peoples lives. And it involves not just the people within and outside the organization. A significant number of employees, find implication in the kind of job they have. The find meaning in the way it helps improves their well-being or others and not just for ones self, whether physically, psychologically, or emotionally. Having known the facets of a job, and their performance thereof, it raises the capacity to have a positive impact on others that will also motivate them further to do better (Coelho and Augusto, 2010).. The preferences in giving more inclination on task significance are very intense on finding out, whether the job that they are doing are actually effective to other people. For them, meaning comes in the form of recognition by other people. Autonomy The way a work and decision is done within the employees discretion where the individual scheduling or prioritizing the work and the kind of task and shaping the procedure to be used in carrying out the task is done with independence and minimal supervision. Autonomy is normally seen in positions with managerial, supervisorial and ministerial functions. High levels of jobs that are identified with autonomy are jobs for managers, team leaders, supervising officers, division and department heads, and senior management. These jobs tend to become more significant to the ones actually performing them because they feel greater personal responsibility and develop a sense of ownership as wellas accountability for their own actions on the job (Coelho and Augusto, 2010). But gone are the days that autonomy is limited only to the specified higher positions. Employees have a solid sense of personal responsibility no matter what their position is. Employees normally take the opportunity when they are left to accomplish their tasks using their own efforts and initiatives, and they are permitted to make the decisions and call the shots. Employees autonomy is less realized if they are made to modestly follow the instructions of a supervisor, or follow strictly to what a job procedures manual provides. This will not encourage them to feel responsible for their actions at all(Coelho and Augusto, 2010). Feedback The way a job is delivered and accomplished as expected, the measure of how immediate customer is satisfied by the expected work essential by the task offers the specific with a substantial guideline that carries out the effectiveness of his or her performance. In reality, labors would like to be well informed and updated of the feedback on their performance of the job. These will not only will this keep them on the tract of their progress as workers it is also one way for them to boost their self-esteem. Constructive critisms and comments that are generally pleasing are most likely make employees feel motivated to continue with how they are doing so far. In contrast, immediate feedback of their performance will enable them to respond accordingly and improve their performance as well. (Coelho and Augusto, 2010). The alignment and grouping of characteristics together, will point out a single figure or index that will act as the main indicator of the overall motivating potential of the job being evaluated or reformed. The truning point for all of this will essentially showcase the probability of a job moving the attitudes and behaviors of the employee or worker. Sentiment and principles that people have about their current job vary where job satisfaction depends. Employees levels or areas of job satisfaction can range from excellent to the very unwanted dissatisfaction, given the attitudes about their jobs as a whole. Attitude about various aspects of their jobs such as the kind of work employees do is a form of stimulus that reflects their coworkers, superiors or assistants and their pay (George et al., 2008). The nature of the job is not just the sole factor to measure job contentment it also requires the clear expectations, defining job supply to an employee (Hussami, 2008). The elimination or to minimize convenience costs, improved organizational and social and intrinsic reward will increase job satisfaction. The complexity of sensations relative to job satisfaction is necessary because it has to be aligned with multi features and is predisposed by the factors like salary, working environment, autonomy, communication, and organizational commitment. According to Rane (2011), job satisfaction in its true sense rest upon the landscape of the job, valuation of the employee by his/her job. Job satisfaction for sales person is derived from the kind of job and work surroundings which they find comfortable and rewarding or vice versa. The job satisfaction of employees from the sales department is normally the focus of various topics by many researchers. Tension relative to the kind of job is significantly and negatively related to performance, generalized self-esteem and job satisfaction. Rane (2011) on his study pointed out that an entitys attitude about his or her job should have meaningful repercussions about how he or she organizes it. The relationship with performance should also be considered. Bacause of its calming effects in the form of reducing exhaustion, absenteeism, and turnover and through its effect on consistency with regards to increasing organizational citizenship behaviors and organizational commitments. An effective tool should be observed in governing the ill-effects of role struggles and job-induced strain. Job satisfaction causing a drop in the labor turnover was given emphasis. From the evaluated observation, countless job satisfaction has been largely linked to counter labor turnover and strongly affects organizational commitments. Recognizing the importance of improving employee job satisfaction in the organization, the employers need to find out ways and means to increase job satisfaction and improve employee engagement for reaching or even surpassing the targeted performance on a sustainable basis to build the image of the organization Rane (2011). The study conducted by Rahman et. al (2017) cited sales force that deals directly with their clients, where their states of mind, practices, and conduct toward their clients revealed that clients get to be committed toward the insurers (Salleh Kamaruddin, 2011). The study conducted by Rahman et. al (2017) cited sales force that deals directly with their clients, where their states of mind, practices, and conduct toward their clients revealed that clients get to be dedicated toward the insurers (Salleh Kamaruddin, 2011). Organizations have been spending millions consistently in enlisting, preparing, and repaying their business staff with the goal that they would be profoundly urged and revived to accomplish sound, and subsequently expanded levels of benefits for the organization. Dealing with employees job satisfaction and enhancing their productivities to gain profit by paying careful attention, energy, and time to the working environment is a great concern among the top leaders of the organization. Diversified realtionships among employees and their inter-organizational relationship with peers or supervisors is the way to realize job satisfaction (Chandrasekar, 2011). If employees are satisfied with their jobs, the performance result will be increased through employees would like to stay with the organization, ultimately, lower turnover results in decreased hiring cost which will directly impact the profitability of the organization. Specific motivational factors identified regarding organization such as work itself, achievement sensation, sense of responsibility, recognition, career growth, advancement, and development opportunities help employees recognize their value and worth within organization is an effective affirmation of job satisfaction when put and measured in the right place. Baah and Amoako (2011). They consider that motivators are a source of internal (inner) satisfaction which leads to higher satisfaction while the hygiene factors cause external happiness but much powerful as compared to the motivational factors. But still, the presence of hygiene factors is quite important for the job satisfaction of employees as Herzberg proposed that these motivational and hygiene factors are interlinked. The study concluded that hygiene factors minimize the dissatisfaction element among the employees while the motivational factors ultimately lead to satisfaction. The relationships between the involved and significant work environment risk and their job satisfaction should be addressed and check for balance. Sell and Cleal (2011) found that work environment and psychological factors such as workplace itself, reward, and social security have a direct relationship with the job satisfaction. The said findings were supported by the study conducted by Bakotic and Babic (2013) where it was concluded that difficult working conditions which primarily involve hazards can cause job dissatisfaction. In order to satisfy and increase the performance of these employees, improving and monitoring working conditions, management support, and better reward system can play a key role. Tariq, Ramzan, and Riaz (2013) stated that job dissatisfaction greatly influences by the degree of the kind workload, wages as expected and mandated by law, level of stress at jobs, and family conflicts arise due to among the employees and results in higher turnover within the organization. Raziq et. al (2014) also determined that these working conditions, career growth opportunities, and developments are the key players in the job satisfaction and motivation of employees. METHODS Research Design The descriptive method of research was used to gather the needed information on employee engagement and job satisfaction. Participants of Study Participants will be the employees from different departments within a semiconductor manufacturing company in Laguna. The participants of the research will be selected through stratified approach representing all departments and positions as well. The researcher used GPower to determine the sample size. Using an effect size of 0.3, power size of 90 and margin of error of 5, the computed sample size is 88. Participants profile in terms of age was demonstrated in Figure 1 (page 62) wherein majority of the partakers is from the Generation Y people who are born form 1961 to 1980 (57.61) followed by Generation X people who are born form 1961 to 1980 employees (27.29). The result shows an aging population where the company works on their way to hire and train new batch of younger work force in the anticipation of retiring employees in less than 5 years. The same was supported by the study conducted in United Kingdom (2012) which enumerated benefits of hiring young people to firms (1) lower recruitment costs, (2) cost effectiveness which represents lower wages compared to older employees, (3) flexibility, (4) qualifications which is in line with higher educational intakes, and (5) willingness to learn (Hasluck, 2012). The study conducted by Marais (2017), showed that for Generation Y engineers working in the South African context, being retained and being engaged are interlinked. Psychologically safe is the concern of employees ot determine what that they are getting what they expect in terms of a number of hygiene retention factors before they can make themselves available by staying with the organization and potentially being engaged. Key elements of their task and their work setup wa indetified in order for them to be engaged and cause them to stay at the company even longer with the expectation of being exposed to varioous instances of engagement. However, in the absence of engagement or when career engagement is pursued external to the organization, this could push them to leave. Organisations should build on their focus on the task and work-set up engagement by focussing on career engagement and craft innovative pathways within the organization to accommodate generation Ys independence and self-reliance in pursuing a career. Figure 2 shows the distribution of respondents profile based on sex which is 66 female and 34 male. The purpose of exhibiting gender in the production department is to showcase that gender sensitivity of process involved export-oriented industrialization also requires the labor of women. Women particularly dominate the labor force in the semiconductor and other manufacturing industries that generate the most foreign currency for the Philippines. Women are commonly the majority of the production staff for their presumed patience, docility, and natural orientation to detail (Hosaain, 2013) women constitute 74 percent of electronics industry workers. (Electronics Watch, 2016). There is a preference for women workers in manufacturing particularly the fast growing products, like electronics in international trade. (Intal et al, 2010) Figure 3, on the other hand, shows the respondents profile in terms of marital status which is merely married individuals with 61 profile distribution and single individuals with 28 profile distribution. The researcher intended to use status to determine possible significant difference in employee engagement in the light of the study conducted by Emily Zitek and Alexander Jordan in 2012 and Ying Kong in 2009 regarding marital status bias in perceptions of employees (Jordan Zitek, 2012, Kong, 2009). The researcher would also like to know the effect of a single-parent status that may influence their work satisfaction as per the study conducted by Matjeke (2017). For Figure 4, the repondents profile based on their educational attainment wherein majority of the respondents stated that they are high school (60) and vocational graduates (23). Since secondary education is the minimum requirement of almost all manufacturing companies in Laguna including electronics companies, the researcher observed and concluded that as production department gets the highest population in every company, the majority of the population also deemed to achieve secondary education as their highest educational attainment. This is in line with a study that concluded significant results between education and job satisfaction (Gonzalez et. al, 2014). Figure 5, on the other hand, shows the profile distribution based on Department wherein the study focuses Production Department with 54 represents Selection/Inspection section followed by Assembly section. Based on the researchers experience working in the said manufacturing company, the distribution of this profile is found to be normal since the bulk of the population usually came from operations especially in manufacturing companies in the country specifically end-line process since selection requires a strict process to ensure quality . Majority of the respondents are operators/inspectors as shown in Figure 6 since all of them are rank-in-file employees. According to the researchers experience, it is also a common distribution in terms of Position. It can be seen in Figure 6, the profile distribution of the respondents based on their job status wherein majority of the individual participated are considered regulars (85). The political pressure of the current administration can likewise be drawn if the job status of being under probation constitutes to job satisfaction as highlighted by the study conducted by Lomoya et. al (2017) on job status and job satisfaction. The result may be considered as part of the researchers goal. Figure 7, shows that majority of the respondents from the production department are operators which covers 70 of the total sample size used. According to the researchers experience, it is also a common distribution in terms of Position. Position could also be considered as goal in this research in determining the relationship between leadership styles and employee engagement in reference to the study done by Taran et. al.(2013). Figure 8 demonstrates the respondents profile based on length of service wherein majority has 11-15 years tenure (36) in the company. Same with age distribution, this is also observed as the result of high turnover ratio of the company especially in Production Department. The researcher analyzed that unstable sales volume may be the reason for the turnover ratio. This is also in relation to the article of Dan Harris (2017) about the tenure impacts employee engagement. Figure 9, on the other hand, demonstrates the profile distribution of the respondents based on their monthly income. Majority of the respondents are below and above middle earners (52). This may also be related with the research of Mark Szypko (2014) regarding pay fairness impact on employee engagement. Data Gathering Instrument The researcher will use three main data gathering instruments Part 1 will be based on the questionnaire made by the researcher. This includes the demographics of the respondents in terms of age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, length of service, department, and monthly income. Part 2 was a modified questionnaire to determine the employee engagement patterned from Ruyle, cited by Ashipaoloye (2016). Part 3 is also a standardized questionnaire from Ayub, (2013) regarding Job satisfaction. Reliability Analyis Data Analysis The researcher tallied, tabulated, encoded and analyzed the result using the following tools Frequency Distribution and Percentage, Weighted Mean, T-Test, Correlation and ANOVA. The researcher also used the following Likert scale. Scale Verbal Interpretation 4 Strongly Agree 3 Agree 2 Disagree 1 Strongly Disagree RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS Demonstrated in Table 2.1 (page 76) the mean distribution about the Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of people existent in the company of the respondents, deemed categorized as electronics manufacturing situated in Laguna, in relation to the employee participation. The result of the study shows that the respondents agree with the assessment with a composite mean of 3.23. Most of them believed that employees believe in, trust and follow both immediate and senior leaders (WM3.38) and relationships with members of their work group are friendly as well as professional (WM3.29). However, only few agreed that their immediate supervisor is supportive of their efforts (WM3.05) and employees feel the management supports them to strive and to seek better ways of doing things (WM3.17). According to a study conducted in Nebraska, when supervisors allow more participation of employees in decision-making meetings, they develop a desire and sense of obligation to reciprocate the trust given by the organization (Yoerger et al, 2015). Table 2.1Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of PeoplePEOPLEWMVIRank1. Employees believe in, trust and follow both immediate and senior leaders.Ang mga empleyado ay naniniwala sa, tiwala at sinusunod kapuwa ang mga lider at mas nakatataas pa.3.38Agree12. Employees feel the management supports them to strive and to seek better ways of doing things.Nadarama ng mga empleyado na sinusuportahan ng namamahala ang kanilang pagsisikap na maghanap ng mas mahusay na paraan ng paggawa ng mga bagay.3.17Agree43. Employees are encouraged, to innovate new ideas and their efforts being recognized.Ang mga empleyado ay hinihikayat, upang magpabago ng mga bagong palagay at kinikilala ang kanilang mga pagsisikap.3.24Agree34. My immediate supervisor is supportive of my efforts. Ang aking kagyat na superbisor ay sumusuporta sa aking mga pagsisikap.3.05Agree55. My relationships with members of my work group are friendly as well as professionalAng aking relasyon sa mga miyembro ng aking pangkat sa trabaho ay magiliw at propesyonal3.29Agree2Composite Mean3.23AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree This reciprocity tends to develop a greater passion for work, stronger sense of meaning, and more immersion into individuals professional role (Yoerger et al, 2015). Table 2.2Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Work MotivationWork MotivationWMVIRank6. Employees are given adequate resources to fulfill and deliver their work and assigned task effectively.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan ng sapat na pangangailangan upang maayos at epektibong matapos at maihatid ang mga gawain.3.23Agree27. Employees are given chance to contribute and participate towards the overall goal of the company.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan ng pagkakataon na mag-ambag at maibahagi ang kanilang kontribusyon patungo sa pangkalahatang layunin ng kumpanya. 3.33Agree18. Employees feels happy and satisfied working in this companyAng mga empleyado ay masaya at kuntento sa pagtatrabaho sa kumpanyang ito.3.02Agree3Composite Mean3.19AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree It can be seen in Table 2.2 the mean distribution about employee engagement, deemed categorized as electronics manufacturing situated in Laguna, based on assessment of employee engagement in terms of work motivation is 3.19. Majority of the participants supposed that the employees are given the chance to contribute and participate towards the overall goal of the company with a weighted mean of 3.33. The researcher believed this is the result of good implementation of ISO as it is requires establishment of vision, mission, policy, objective, targets, and programs as well as the championing of TPM activities that encourage them to take part in the kaizen activities. On the other hand, it is noticeable that only few employees believed that employees feel happy and satisfied working in this company with the weighted mean of 3.02. The researcher is very concerned on the result of the survey since as a human resource supervisor of an electronics company, it is a significant issue that needs to be addressed through immediate countermeasures. The study of Mariza (2016) conculed that interesting work, job security, good pay, bonuses, and management support are effective variables to improve motivation of the employees of manufacturing company. And it is necesarry to consider that work environment and co-workers were able to motivate the employees to work better. Finally, when the employees motivation is high, it will be reflected on their job satisfaction, better career, higher responsibility and feeling involved. Based on the study conducted by Renfors (2017), motivations of consistently underperforming or unengaged employees in an effort to combat high turnover rates, low productivity and low levels of engagement is an opportunity for the management to revitaize its workforce. In Table 2.3 (page 80), the mean distribution of the employee engagement existent in the company of the respondents in terms of procedure has been demonstrated with a composite mean of 3.16. Most of the respondents believed that employees are confident in their work and employees are quite uncertain of the awareness for the strategic directions of the company (WM3.29) and employees work in line with the vision, mission, goals and values of the company (WM3.26). The researcher believes that implementation of ISO 9001 quality system management and ISO 14001 environmental management system are effective, wherein the productivity, quality, and human resources development are one of many factors that need to address and consider Table 2.3Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of ProcedureProcedureWMVIRank9. Employees work in line with the vision, mission, goals and values of the company Ang mga empleyado ay nagtatrabaho alinsunod sa pananaw, misyon, mga layunin at pagpapahalaga ng kumpanya.3.26Agree210. Employees are aware of the strategic directions of the company.Nalalaman ng mga empleyado ang direksyon ng mga pamamaraan ng kumpanya.3.08Agree411. Employees work hand in hand with the policies, standards and procedures set for its directionsMagkaka-agapay ang mga empleyado sa mga patakaran, mga pamantayan at pamamaraaan na itinakda alinsunod sa mga direksyon nito.3.17Agree312. Employees are confident in their work and processes since this are well documented as standard operating procedures.Ang mga empleyado ay nagtitiwala sa kanilang mga gawa at proseso dahil sa mga pamantayan na nakadokumento bilang saligan.3.29Agree113. The company manages employees performance effectively and in a timely manner.Ang pagkilala sa mga empleyado ay napapamahalaan ng mahusay at napapanahon.3.01Agree5Composite Mean3.16AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree during planning. However, some employees is not that confident that the management manages employees satisfaction effectively and in a timely manner being the lowest in the rank. (WM3.01). Some of them also feel that they are not really aware of the strategic directions of the company (WM3.09). The researcher understands that result and believes that this Table 2.4Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Total RewardsTotal RewardsWMVIRank14. Employees are motivated through fair pay and benefits.Ang mga empleyado ay nagaganyak sa pamamagitan ng patas na sweldo at benepisyo.2.91Agree315. Employees enjoy the benefits given by the company.Ang mga empleyado ay nasisiyahan sa mga benepisyo na ibinibigay ng kumpanya.3.00Agree216. Employees are secured with the savings and retirement benefit form the company.Ang mga empleyado ay panatag ang loob sa benepisyo ng pagreretiro mula sa kumpanya. 2.87Agree417. Employees are given rewards and recognition for merit, service, innovation, suggestion and cost-down practices.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan ng gantimpala at pagkilala para sa kahusayan, serbisyo, mga makabagong ideya, mungkahi at mga gawi sa pagtitipid.3.15Agree1Composite Mean2.98AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree may be a result of poor implementation of bottom-up management system. As shown in Table 2.4 (page 81), the mean distribution of the employee engagement existent in the company of the respondents in terms of total rewards has been demonstrated with a composite mean of 2.98. Majority of of the respondents believed that Employees are given rewards and recognition for merit, service, innovation, suggestion and cost-down practices. (WM3.15) and employees enjoy the benefits given by the company (WM3.00). Based on the weighted mean, researcher believes that although mandated benefits are given the level of satisfaction from this point is quite low. Employees are not so secured with the savings and retirement benefit form the company (WM2.87). This is supported by the reason that employees are not really that motivated through fair pay and benefits (WM2.91). The researcher understands that result could be attributed to the current demands in terms of benefits and salary. But in all fairness to the company much has been improved for the last 10 years of implementing benefits. However, most exit interviews revealed the the level of salary is quite low in terms of average salary being offered in the same industry which attracts employees to find greener pasture. In termsof security especially retirement, the company has a prorated scheme depending on the length of service and salary rate which is also quite low compared to other retirement schemes being offered in other companies of the same industry. The study of Hoole Hotz (2016) revealed that if organisations want to include total rewards as part of their engagement strategies, it is imperative that they understand the complex nature in the rewardengagement relationship and how best to use reward systems to meet the needs and goals of both the organisation and employees. Certain rewards are better predictors of work engagement than others, implying that companies should steer away from onesize-fits-all reward strategies.The work of Iqbal et. al (2015) can also be related where it was concluded that the positive effect of reward and organizational leadership are associated with higher level of engagement. Organization commitment to reward and leadership is important for employee engagement and motivation for employees to work hard within organization. Engagement of employees with their work and organization improve the level of performance. Engaged employees are inspired to go beyond, support the association to accomplish its tasks and plan and boost up the company to meet the business goals Table 2.5Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Quality of Life/ValuesQuality of Life/ValuesWMVIRank18. Employees experience work life balance in the current work situation.Nararanasan ng mga empleyado ang isang balanseng buhay at trabaho sa kanilang kasalukuyang sitwasyon.2.78Agree419. Employees feel secure with the work environment they have.May kapanatagan ang mga empleyado sa uri ng kapaligiran ng kanilang trabaho.3.12Agree320. Employees feel proud to be part of this company.Ipinagmamalaki ng mga empleyado na sila ay bahagi ng kumpanyang ito. 3.31Agree121. The company supports and creates program as part of its social corporate responsibility.Ang kumpanya ay sumusuporta at nagtataguyod ng mga programa bilang isang responsibleng kumpanya sa kanyang lipunan.3.30Agree2Composite Mean3.13AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree Table 2.5 (page 84), reveals that the mean distribution of the employee engagement existent in the company of the respondents in terms of Quality Life/Values has been demonstrated with a composite mean of 3.13. Majority of of the respondents believed that company supports and creates program as part of its social corporate responsibility. (WM3.30) and employees feel secured with the work environment they have (WM3.12). The result weighted mean, can be attributed to the safety and environmental program of the company which prioritizez health and safety at all times. Facilities under an EMS program is constantly audited and improved as farast its commitment towards an environmental friendly environment and makes a to approval is also generally good as the company has been championing programs the basically aim to help augment the needs of nearby public schools and charitable isntitutions from the proceeds of the activities like fun run for a cause. On the other hand, employees are not so secured with the savings and retirement benefit form the company (WM2.87). This is supported by the reason that employees are not really that motivated through fair pay and benefits (WM2.91). The researcher understands that result and believes that this may be a result of poor implementation of bottom-up management system. The study of Raziq (2014) concluded that working environment has a positive impact on the Job satisfaction of employees. Bad working conditions restrict employees to portray their capabilities and attain full potential, so it is imperative that the businesses realize the importance of good working environment. It also ensures that the employees of the organization will have the ease of working in a relaxed and free environment without burden or pressure that would cause their performance to decline. The benefits of providing a good working environment to the employees are tremendous for both the organization and its employees. It has also been concluded that relationship between work-life balance and work engagement was significant. Additional analyses showed that employees with a high level of work-life conflict were less engaged in their work and were more likely to participate in employee development activities (Kort, 2016). Table 2.6Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of OpportunitiesOpportunitiesWMVIRank22. Employees are provided with formal learning programs.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan ng mga pormal na programa sa pag-aaral o pagsasanay.3.05Agree323. Employees are provided with learning development plans.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan ng mga plano sa pag-unlad ng kaalaman.3.02Agree424. Employees are also given the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge on the job under the watchful eye of the management.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan din ng pagkakataon na maisagawa ang kanilang mga bagong kasanayan at kaalaman sa trabaho sa ilalim ng maingat na pangangasiwa ng namamahala.3.13Agree125. Employees are given the opportunity to learn from others outside formal learning programs.Ang mga empleyado ay binibigyan ng pagkakataong matuto mula sa iba pa bukod pa sa mga pormal na programa sa pag-aaral o pagsasanay.3.06Agree2Composite Mean3.07AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree Table 2.6, revealed that the mean distribution of the employee engagement existent in the company of the respondents in terms of Opportunity has been demonstrated with a composite mean of 3.07. Majority of the respondents believed that employees are also given the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills and knowledge on the job under the watchful eye of the management. (WM3.13) and employees are given the opportunity to learn from others outside formal learning programs (WM3.06). The result weighted mean, is the reflection of the established training for personnel development and an employee performance appraisal held twice a year one for merit and one for annual bonus. Since the training is already a well established system, employees experience a systematic way of being evaluated in every aspect of training from on-the job status to multi-skilled individual. The company is using Tanoko map in order to assess level of competency. The same is used in identifying the gap and also reflects on the assessment for potential leaders as well as promotion. It has been concluded that providing training and development, career mentors, and opportunities for advancement are not only a short-term reward but a necessary long-term investment especially for those employees retained in their companies (Kirke, 2012). Also, this study can be associated to the importance of bottom-up management wherein the organization allows all levels to become part of the decision-making process which makes employees feel of belongingness of the companys goals and objectives (Harper, 2015). Table 2.7Summary Table of Perception in Cluster FarmingPerceptionComposite MeanVIRankPeople3.23Agree1Work Motivation3.19Agree2Procedure3.16Agree3Total Rewards2.98Agree6Quality of Life/Values3.13Agree4Opportunities3.07Agree5Legend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree Table 3Assessment of Employees Job SatisfactionWMVIRank1. Superiors often let me know how well they think I am performing the job. Ang mga tagapangasiwa ay madalas na ipaalam sa akin kung gaano kahusay ang iniisip nila na ginagawa ko sa aking trabaho.3.04Agree72. The job requires me to use a number of complex or high-level skills.Nangangailangan ang aking trabaho na gumamit ng ilang mga kumplikado o mataas na antas ng mga kasanayan.2.88Agree123. The job is arranged so that I have the chance to do an entire piece of work from beginning to end.Ang trabaho ay nakaayos upang magkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na gawin ang isang buong piraso ng trabaho mula simula hanggang katapusan.3.11Agree64. Just doing the work required by the job provides many chances for me to figure out how well I am doing. Ginagawa ko lamang kung ano ang kailangan ng trabaho na nagbibigay ng maraming mga pagkakataon para sa akin upang malaman kung gaano ko kahusay ito ginagawa..3.00Agree10.55. The job is not simple and repetitive.Ang trabaho ay hindi simple at paulit-ulit.3.00Agree10.56. This job is one where a lot of other people can be affected by how well the work gets done.Ang trabaho na ito ay isa kung saan ang maraming iba pang mga tao ay maaaring maapektuhan sa pamamagitan ng kung gaano kahusay natapos ang trabaho.3.04Agree77.The job does not deny me the chance to use my personal initiative or judgment in carrying out the work.Ang trabaho ay hindi nagkakait sa akin ng pagkakataon na gamitin ang aking personal na inisyatiba o paghatol sa pagsasakatuparan ng trabaho. 3.24Agree28. The job provides me the chance to completely finish the pieces of work I begin.Ang trabaho ay nagbibigay sa akin ng pagkakataon na ganap na tapusin ang mga piraso ng trabaho na sinimulan ko.3.20Agree39. The job itself provides plenty of clues about whether or not I am performing well.Ang trabaho mismo ay nagbibigay ng maraming mga pahiwatig tungkol sa kung nagawa ko ito ng mahusay o hindi . 3.17Agree410. The job gives me considerable opportunity for independence and freedom in how I do the work.Ang trabaho ay nagbibigay sa akin ng malaking pagkakataon para sa tiwala sa sarili at kalayaan sa kung paano ko ginagawa ang gawain.3.14Agree511. The job itself is very significant or important in the broader scheme of things.Ang trabaho mismo ay napakahalaga o mahalaga sa mas malawak na pamamaraan ng mga bagay.3.32Agree112. The superiors and co-workers on this job almost always give me feedback about how well I am doing in my work.Ang mga superyor at katrabaho ay halos palaging nagbibigay sa akin ng puna tungkol sa kung gaano ko kaayos ginagawang ang aking trabaho.3.02Agree9Composite Mean3.10AgreeLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree Table 4.1Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of People when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge1.770.16Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex1.170.32Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status1.060.35Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment3.620.02SignificantRejectSection Department0.700.56Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status1.300.26Not SignificantFailed to Reject Nature of Work/Position3.370.02SignificantRejectLength of Service2.660.05Not SignificantFailed to RejectMonthly Income3.960.02SignificantRejectLegend 3.50 4.00 Strongly Agree 2.50 3.49 Agree 1.50 2.49 Disagree 1.00 1.49 Strongly Disagree It can be seen from the table above (4.1) that there is significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of people when grouped to educational attainment, nature of work/position and monthly income since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. This implies that assessment of employee engagement in terms of people is affected by educational attainment, nature of work/position and monthly income. On the other hand, there is no significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of people when grouped to age, sex, civil status, section department, job status and length of service since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. This suggests Table 4.2Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Work Motivation when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge1.680.18Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex0.400.67Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status1.020.37Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment1.510.22Not SignificantFailed to RejectSection Department1.510.22Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status5.290.02SignificantReject Nature of Work/Position0.170.91Not SignificantFailed to RejectLength of Service7.070.01SignificantRejectMonthly Income0.980.38Not SignificantFailed to RejectSignificant at p0.05 that assessment of employee engagement in terms of people is not affected by age, sex, civil status, section department, job status and length of service. It can be observed from the table 4.2 (page 93) that there is significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of work motivation when grouped to job status and length of service since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. Thus, assessment of employee engagement in terms of work motivation is affected by job status and length of service. Furthermore, there is no significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of work motivation when grouped to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, nature of work/position, and monthly income since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. This suggests that assessment of employee engagement in terms of work motivation is not affected by age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, nature of work/position, and monthly income Table 4.3Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Procedure when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge1.930.13Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex0.340.71Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status2.040.14Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment1.840.15Not SignificantFailed to RejectSection Department1.350.26Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status2.810.10Not SignificantFailed to Reject Nature of Work/Position1.830.15Not SignificantFailed to RejectLength of Service3.370.02SignificantRejectMonthly Income0.880.42Not SignificantFailed to RejectSignificant at p0.05 It can be gleaned from the table above (4.3) that there is significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of procedure when grouped length of service since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. Therefore, assessment of employee engagement in terms of procedure is affected by length of service. However, there is no significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of procedure when grouped to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. This implies that assessment of employee engagement in terms of procedure is not affected by age, sex, civil status, Table 4.4Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Total Rewards when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge0.630.60Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex0.320.73Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status0.720.49Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment0.500.68Not SignificantFailed to RejectSection Department1.230.30Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status4.160.04Not SignificantFailed to Reject Nature of Work/Position0.090.97Not SignificantFailed to RejectLength of Service6.400.01SignificantRejectMonthly Income0.870.42Not SignificantFailed to RejectSignificant at p0.05 educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income. Table 4.4 (page 96) shows that there is significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of total rewards when grouped to length of service since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. Therefore, assessment of employee engagement in terms of total rewards is affected by length of service. Moreover, there is no significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of total rewards when grouped to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. This implies that assessment of employee engagement in terms of total rewards is not affected by age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income. There is no significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of quality of life/values (3.5) when grouped to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, length of service and monthly income since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. This implies that assessment of employee engagement in terms of quality of life/values is not Table 4.5Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Quality of Life/Values when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge1.060.37Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex0.480.62Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status1.480.23Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment2.260.09Not SignificantFailed to RejectSection Department0.740.53Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status2.710.10Not SignificantFailed to Reject Nature of Work/Position0.370.77Not SignificantFailed to RejectLength of Service2.390.07Not SignificantFailed to RejectMonthly Income0.040.97Not SignificantFailed to RejectSignificant at p0.05 affected by age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, length of service and monthly income. Table 4.6Differences in Assessment of Employee Engagement in terms of Opportunities when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge2.040.11Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex0.470.62Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status0.710.49Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment1.830.15Not SignificantFailed to RejectSection Department0.750.53Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status3.150.08Not SignificantFailed to Reject Nature of Work/Position0.490.69Not SignificantFailed to RejectLength of Service4.390.01SignificantRejectMonthly Income0.910.41Not SignificantFailed to Reject The tables above (4.6) present that there is significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of opportunities (3.6) when grouped to length of service since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. Thus, assessment of employee engagement in terms of opportunities is affected by length of service. However, there is no significant difference in assessment of employee engagement in terms of opportunities when grouped to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. Table 4.7Differences in Assessment of Employees Job Satisfaction in terms of when Grouped to Profile VariablesProfileF-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionAge0.530.66Not SignificantFailed to RejectSex1.770.18Not SignificantFailed to RejectCivil Status2.710.07Not SignificantFailed to RejectEducational Attainment0.400.75Not SignificantFailed to RejectSection Department1.860.14Not SignificantFailed to RejectJob Status7.320.01SignificantReject Nature of Work/Position0.350.79Not SignificantFailed to RejectLength of Service1.970.12Not SignificantFailed to RejectMonthly Income0.440.64Not SignificantFailed to RejectSignificant at p0.05 This implies that assessment of employee engagement in terms of opportunities is not affected by age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income. Table 4.7 (page 100) presents that there is significant difference in assessment of employees job performance when grouped to length of service since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. Thus, assessment of employees job performance is affected by length of service. However, there is no significant difference in assessment of employees job performance when grouped to age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income since the computed p values are greater than 0.05 level of significance. This implies that assessment of employees job performance is not affected by age, sex, civil status, educational attainment, section department, job status, nature of work/position, and monthly income. Table 5.1Relationship Between Assessment of Employee Engagement and Job SatisfactionJob SatisfactionEmployee Engagementr-valuep-valueInterpretationDecision0.580.01SignificantRejectSignificant at p0.05 Table 5.2Relationship Between Assessment of Employee Engagement and Job SatisfactionEmployee Engagementr-valuep-valueInterpretationDecisionPeople0.540.01SignificantRejectWork Motivation0.710.01SignificantRejectProcedure0.620.01SignificantRejectTotal Rewards0.630.01SignificantRejectQuality of Life/Values0.640.01SignificantRejectOpportunities0.620.01SignificantRejectSignificant at p0.05 There is significant relationship between assessment of employee engagement in terms of people, work motivation, procedure, total rewards, quality of life/values and opportunities and assessment on employees job satisfaction since the computed p values are less than 0.05 level of significance. This suggests that assessment of employee engagement in terms of people, work motivation, procedure, total rewards, quality of life/values and opportunities is affected by assessment on employees job satisfaction. CONCLUSIONS 1. Significant result revealed majority of the participants are married and belongs to generation Y ( people who are born form 1961 to 1980 (57.61)). Majority of them are high school graduates working as production operators from the selection/imspection process. As to tenure, majority of them also are regular employees with at least 11-15 years length of service, with P16,000 pesos to P30,000 pesos salary range considered regular. 2. Significant result revealed that employees all agree on the dimensions of employee engagement and job satisfcation. 3. There is significant relationship between assessment of employee engagement in terms of people, work motivation, procedure, total rewards, quality of life/values and opportunities and assessment on employees job satisfaction. RECOMMENDATIONS The researcher recommends that the management create a thorough analysis of to the current total rewards of the company to boost employee engagement and employee retention The management may consider open door policy, equal employment opportunities and affirmative action for employees as deemed applicable and through analysis. The management may also consider establishing a clear sucession plan especially for the aging employees. Management may improve actions plans to encourage employees through merits, rewards and improvement of company benefits especially small victories. The researcher recommends future researcher to include support group or non operational employees in the study so that it may widen the perspective of employee engagement and job satisfaction. Proposed programs for Employee Engagement KRA PROGRAM ACTIVITIES PERSONS INVOLVEDTotal Rewards . Justifying the companys ability to cover benefit improvement for short and long term goals. And its provision in taking consideration benefit improvements Zero Cost or Simple Reward scheme of employees small and big victories Improvement of benefits thorugh Business to Business approach or referral system. Retirement and savings tie-up with Banks and othe finacial institutions. Retirement preparation program Livelihood programs President Senior managers Human Resource Manager, Department Heads, (3) Total Rewards Transparency in the company achievement in terms of shipment and customer compliance and its financial implications thorugh filtered information. Justifiyng the companys ability to cover benefit improvement for short and long term goals. And its provision in taking consideration benefit improvements. Zero Cost or Simple Reward scheme of employees small and big victories Improvement of benefits thorugh Business to Business approach or referral system. Retirement and savings tie-up with Banks and othe finacial institutions. Retirement preparation program Livelihood programs President Senior managers Human Resource Manager, Department Heads, References Ahmetoglu, G., Harding, X., Akhtar, R., Chamorro-Premuzic, T. (2015). Predictors of creative achievement Assessing the impact of entrepreneurial potential, perfectionism, and employee engagement. Creativity Research Journal, 27, 198205. doi10.1080/10400419.2015.1030293 Albercht, S. L., Bakker, A. B., Gruman, J. A., Macey, W. H., Saks, A. M. (2015). Employee engagement, human resource management practices and competitive advantage An integrated approach. 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