Self and peer assessment are important aspects of ‘assessment for learning’ practice as it can be an effective resource for the assessor to see that the learners assessing their own work or that of others can actually help students to develop their understanding of the Intended Learning Outcomes and the Assessment Criteria.

An advantage of self and peer assessment is that it will:
• Develop and improve the learner’s knowledge gained on subject therefore a more accurate and detailed evidence to be provide against chosen criteria
• Enable an inclusive setting in which learners can discuss evidence and support each other with alternative answers
• With learner peer assessing this provides an excellent opportunity to witness learner’s explanation and justification of work marked/discussed
• Help students understand what is considered good work and why, thereby increasing their ability to achieve

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See below research quotes
Self-assessment “is the involvement of students in identifying standards and/ or criteria to apply to their work, and making judgments about the extent to which they have met these criteria and standards meaning more than students grading their own work; it means involving them in the process of determining what is ‘good work’.”
Boud, D. (1995) Enhancing Learning through Self-Assessment; Kogan Page; London

Peer Assessment is where “students use criteria and apply standards to the work of their peers in order to judge that work. Both self and peer assessment are “formative, in that it has beneficial effects on learning, but may also be summative, either in the sense of learners deciding that they have learned as much as they wished to do in a given area, or it may contribute to the grades awarded to the students”.
Boud and Falchikov (1989) in Falchikov, N. (2005) Improving Assessment Through Student Involvement: Routledge Falmer; Oxon


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