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Section A: Researching the taskIt is vital to recognize the instructions for this task: I will be required to plan, prepare, cook and present a range of dishes, using a variety of skills, which are based on a European cuisine. The country which I have selected is Italy. The analysis of the following key words will assist me in forming a verdict for the technical skills and final dishes to make.Key words Plan Planning this task is extremely important, especially managing my time limit. The final three dishes will expect a very thorough time plan as I’m not exactly spoilt for time (three hours).Prepare I need to demonstrate many complex skills I have previously learnt and use them to produce dishes which correspond to the Italian cuisine.

Cook It is essential to incorporate all the apt sensory characteristics and hygiene regulations to create a great value dish.Skill It is important to include many complex technical skills with all three of my dishes to obtain the highest standards.-95250959485Consequently, considering the key terms I will perform the following research to help in my decision making.Traditional Italian Cuisine42976801103630Italian cuisine is known for its provincial diversity, especially between the north and the south of Italy.

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It is strongly influenced by its local history and tradition, as well as local and seasonal availability of products. Some traditional Italian delicacies can only be found in some regions of Italy, white truffles, hence gaining a lot of internal fame. ( Italian cuisine is usually considered by its minimalism, with many dishes having only two to four main ingredients. Italian cooks rely predominantly on the quality of the ingredients rather than on complicated preparation.

 It also is probably the most important face of the Mediterranean diet. ( In addition, it has a great variety of different ingredients ranging from fruit and vegetables to meats and fish. In the north of Italy ingredients such as: potatoes, rice, corn, sausage, pork and different types of cheeses are very common ingredients.

Contrasting, from the south of Italy, which uses ingredients like fish, tomatoes, olives, lemons and aubergine. South Italy tends to eat healthier; the fact that it’s the poorest region may contribute to the fact. Cultural ways of eatingItalians take a huge amount of pleasure in their food. In Italy the breakfast usually is light consisting of coffee.

Traditionally, meals in Italy usually contain four or five courses. Especially on weekends, meals are often seen as a time to spend with family and friends rather than simply for sustenance; thus, meals tend to be longer than in other cultures. During holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, feasts can last for hours. -766445125095Italian cuisine has influenced food culture around the world and is viewed as a form of art by many. Wine, cheese and pasta are important part of Italian meals. Pasta comes in a wide range of shapes, widths and lengths, including penne, spaghetti, linguine, fusilli and lasagne.

( For Italians food isn’t just nourishment, a means of survival it is tremendously significant.3036570311785Italian food is packed with healthy benefits. The cuisine features an abundance of minimally processed plant foods and olive oil.

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats – they help lowering bad cholesterol, especially when used to replace saturated fats. Furthermore, tomatoes are essential in an Italians diet. It is high in vitamin C and lysopene – an antioxidant that boosts heart health and protects the body from prostate cancer. (https://www. Possible Dish Selection Criteria Skill Check List-17780233045 Lasagne is a typical Italian dish which illustrates good use of traditional Italian ingredients. Could be improved if other vegetables were used. Making the pastaMaking béchamel sauceChopping BoilingLayeringBaking7937583820 Spinach and feta ravioli with a sage butter sauce.

Feta cheese gives a lot of nutrients like calcium but also high in sodium. Making and shaping pastaFilling BoilingSauce1905060325 Calzone served with salad uses the same dough used for pizza. Use of salad provides a lot of vitamins and minerals. Dough making/provingFilling making Baking Shaping-15875220345 Italian handmade burger with tomato salsa on a bun incorporates Italian ingredients i.e. tomato and meat.

To improve bread could be seasoned. Dough making/provingBindingShaping/MouldingFlavouringPreparation of vegetables24765122555 Sticky chocolate and praline torte isn’t considered as a healthy dish as it is filled with sodium and sugar Batter mixtureSauce preparationGarnishing2222576835 Mushroom tagliatelle would be classed as a healthy Italian dish as it contains calcium and iron. However it also contains sodium.

Pasta makingVegetable preparationGarnishing 53340156845 Bruschetta is a classic Italian starter; it has traditional ingredients like tomato and olive oils. It contains protein and fibre. Vegetable preparation Bread makingSeasoning Garnishing1905047625 Garlic Bread with mozzarella and caramelized onions uses good bread and can be a basis for a healthy diet. Bread making/provingGarnishing Shaping Baking CaramelizingSection B: Demonstrating technical skillsDish 1: Creamy Mushroom TagliatelleDish 2: Chocolate and Hazelnut Calzone Dish 3: BruschettaKey for Sensory testing grid:A – Appearance B – TextureC- TasteD – AromaRecipe and Ingredients Reasons for Choice Skills Equipment Sensory tasting75g Flour2 eggsPinch of saltWarm water for dough formation125g double cream50g mushroom1 onionGarlic2 tbsp butterPepper 2 tbsp olive oilTagliatelle is a perfect example for a traditional Italian dish as it incorporates traditional ingredients; like mushrooms and olive oil. It is a nutritious dish as it contains carbohydrates and unsaturated fat.

Pasta makingUsing the pasta machineVegetable preparationGarnishingPasta machinePans KnifeWeighing scalesBowls A B C D4 5 4 43 4 5 34 5 3 34 4 4 515 18 16 15The tagliatelle was doing well with the panel especially for the texture. The panel thought the arrangement and the taste was good but it could have been seasoned more with traditional Italian seasoning (basil, oregano).100g flour1 sachet of yeast15g sugarWater to form the dough250g dark chocolate50g hazelnuts200ml double creamSweet calzones was a good choice as it is quite unusual.

Also I believe this dish would be quite popular consistency of the ground hazelnuts compliments the smoothness of the melted chocolate. Moreover, this dish uses quite a few technical skills. Using a mini chopperDough makingProvingBakingMeltingMixing Mini chopperBowlPanKnifeRolling pin4 2 5 45 4 4 45 5 3 43 3 3 317 14 15 15This dish is quite original and admired as it scored quite high by the panel. The appearance scored high as a separate sauce was made to serve with the calzones.100g Flour1 sachet of yeast Pinch of saltWarm water3 Ripe tomatoes2 tbsp Olive oil2 tbsp VinegarSea saltBasil leaves Bruschetta is a classic Italian starter which incorporates a lot of vitamins and minerals. For example: Vitamin C and carbohydrates.

Also this starter is light and very healthy. ProvingDough making Vegetable preparationKnife skills BowlKnife Chopping board4 3 4 44 5 3 55 4 5 54 5 5 417 17 17 18The panel scored exceptionally high for this starter as they believed the bread was made perfectly and the tomatoes was just ripe. Even though this dish wasn’t very filling the panel enjoyed it a lot.


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