Scientific notation is a mathematical expression used to represent a decimal between 1-10 multiplied by 10 . Scientific notation is useful because it allows you to write large numbers using less digits. Scientists use scientific notation when they are dealing with very large numbers. We use scientific notation all the time for example when you are measuring a wall and get a really big number you use scientific notation. Scientific notation is useful because you can write a big number using less digits. It gives scientist a way of writing big numbers using the power of 10 and putting the number into a decimal. Astronomers also use scientific notation when they tried to find the sun. For example instead of writing 0 .00000056 you would write 5.6 x 10¯6.

Precision is how accurate it’s the fact of being right.When it comes to scientific notation it is always accurate all you have to do is count how many zeros there are and but is at the power of 10. Scientific notation is really helpful for everyone because it’s most likely alway precise. Scientific notation has helped me when I was measuring a block a got all my measurements then I had to add them all up and got a big number but instead of writing the huge number i could make it smaller using scientific notation.

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In conclusion, I’ve learned that scientific notation can help you in many ways. I think that scientific is always almost precise. Scientific notation makes it easier for everyone!


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