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Last updated: March 20, 2019

Breakthroughs were made by researchers in Asia were mainly Muslim
Hindu mathematicians came up with the Arabic numeric system
Islamic tile patterns were based off of the many math advances
Originally came from China and passed through Silk Road
Chinese used tropical plants
Middle east used cotton fibers for smooth paper
Didn’t believe in line of succession not from Mohammad’s family = center of rebellions
ISLAMIS = Shia sect emphasized the hidden truths of the Quran and importance of an imam (spiritual teacher)
Revived Plato’s writing (especially Forms)
Forms = unchanged perfect untainted embodiment of all objects. (ex. Chairs lots of diff. chairs but their all chair)
Forms seen as bridge between god and the mundane world
God + man relationship
Different philosophical positions started religious wars
Man’s purpose was to wonder about difficult questions and figure out solutions through reasoning
Allowed debate to cross between religions, sects, and kingdoms
Fire, air, earth, water
Healthy = stayed in their own organs
People had different humors dominate over them
Illness = imbalance between humors
Treatments designed to boost or suppress humors
Order in many states and did not accept inquiries and philosophical discussions but rather Orthodoxy


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