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Last updated: August 8, 2019

Schools throughout the nation are diverse in income, and often kids don’t get the resources they need. Studies have shown that there have been millions of children complete four years of school without learning to read or add and subtract.” Technology has paved the way for getting more books to students, more lesson plans to teachers, and classrooms to kids who can’t get there. The impact that technology has had on today’s schools has been quite substantial. This widespread adoption of technology has absolutely changed how teachers teach and students learn. Did you know that kids know how to use technology better than most adults? In today’s age, kids are labeled as the “Digital Natives”.

They are surrounded by digital media on a daily basis. It is such an integral part of their life, that they are surrounded by it from almost birth. Technology in the classroom has not only enhanced their ability to learn, it has also helped them to stay on task. For instance, the use of computers and tablets in classrooms brings a multitude of resources for the teachers and students that would not be available in books. Many schools now have IPads for students to use in class that helps them with their assignments or whatever task they may have to complete. Also, interactive white-boards have been around since 1991, but through the years have become more popular and now they are considered to be a must have tool in K-12 classrooms. They have helped tremendously in enhancing classroom instruction and learning.

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Students are engaging with technology outside of the classroom. Kids enjoy being interactive, and learning through technology has now become a component of their lifestyle. New teachers are demanding technology in their classrooms and they consider it to be essential for the learning environment. Individualized learning gives teachers tools that help track student growth. It enables students to progress at their own pace. Because of this the student doesn’t have to sit through lessons that they already understand. Another good example would be how this type of classroom setting helps children that are shy be more willing to participate.

Instead of talking in class, which gives many students anxiety, a quiet student can post a thought in an online discussion. This allows the student to boost confidence in their own ideas and as a result other students get that persons input. Another tool that teachers use is a free tool called GoFormative, which allows teachers to create an assessment, assign it to students, receive live results, and give feedback in real time.With all of that being said; there are still areas of our country that don’t have the same access to technology.

These children are at a disadvantage because of this. The school system in lower income communities are often under resourced, which in many cases negatively impacts the students’ academic progress. Most of these students live in poor neighborhoods, which have schools with limited use of technology and resources. So you may ask why wealthy kids do better in school than poor kids.


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