Topic: SociologyViolence

Last updated: April 6, 2019

school uniforms: script(setting: students walking in uniforms, wellington city)intro:logos on socks aren’t a distraction. girl’s shoulders showing don’t impact student’s ability to learn. should school uniforms be required in schools? they apparently “increase education”, and “decrease violence”.

this is a question that has created debates all around the globe. some say school uniforms represent discipline and obedience, while others say wearing uniforms takes away from student’s individuality and personality. today i will be discussing the idea of school uniforms, and why they are clearly unnecessary.part one: the purposemy first point is as to why school uniforms are compulsory in most schools. 57% of schools in new zealand force uniforms upon students.

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most schools will say they have school uniforms because of peer pressure from other students, usually students with a higher net worth. another reason being for students to take pride in their school and appearance. if they’re being forced into wearing a specific set of clothes, do you really think they’re going to take pride in their school?”has your school uniform helped with bullying or having school pride? why or why not?”part two: the pricedo school “do you think the price of your school uniform is reasonable? why or why not?”part three: how do they help?”do you think your school uniform has helped you in any way? why or why not?”


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