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Scenario 2Human Resource Management is a process of recruiting, selecting skilled manpower by paying them certain remuneration in the form of wage or salary. HRM helps to manage the person according to their gained experience and knowledge.There are basically two types environment external and internal environment. The factors which are not in control of organization are known as external environment. The external environment consists of Task environment and General environment.

General environment consist of Political, legal, environmental, technological, Socio cultural and demographic factors which directly influence to the outside the boundary of organization. Task environment consist of competitors, customer, suppliers, regulators, strategic partner. It effect within the boundary of the organisation. Both the types of organisational are factor are necessary in the Human Resource Management.Internal factors are those types of factors which effect inside the organisation it includes organization’s owners, the board of directors, employees and culture. It is controllable and the activities of internal environment can be control by the organisation.

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HR practitioners are those who hire or advertise the vacancy using different means and methods like newspapers,social media, and social net workings. They are professionals who do human resource planning, job designing, analysing the job. After advertisement they interview the candidate and then choose the best candidate for the organisation. For this topic I want to take an example of one of the reputed and renowned company that is Apple. Apple is the American multinational company which has its headquarter in Cupertino, California. Apple is one of the famous multinational American brand that designs, develops and sell the electronics product to the entire world. My purpose of choosing this company is that it has faced both the internal and external challenges.

The company was found by Steven Job and Stephen Wozniak in 1976. It manufacture various type of product such as ipod, ipad,iphone etc (Jarvis, Mittleman, Xu ; Tam, 2014). . These products are sold worldwide using various means of media. This company has provided employment opportunity for many employees by following HR method. Therefore, this is one reason I choose Apple for the proposed of this report. In this report one can find the strategic method that Apple use to retain their employee. We can also analyse the internal and external factor that is used by this company.

It is large scale company therefore hire the employee in large quantity by following human resource planning, job designing and recruiting. It can give us the best example of one of the successful company with the internal and external factors. It is one of the leading competitive company in the world. It is pioneer electronic company that provide and manage both software and hardware products. By using iphone, ipad, ipod people can listen to music, surf the internet, contact to friends and families, download different kind of application, music, videos etc (Bau, 2013). The market of the apple cover large area and manufacture their product in bulk, it also faces various kind of external factors that includes political, economical, socio-cultural, legal and technological factors.Political factors: political factors like strikes, change in the government rules and regulation or instability of government have effect upon the large organization like Apple which are not in control of that organization. Company like Apple depends upon big country like China for the manufacturing their products as pay rate in china is cheapest therefore any strike by union or unsettle government can affect the Apple company.

Legal factors: Apple is going under a legal pressure in its own country. As in previous year, some of its imports parts used in iPhone that was earlier banned by US government was restored by the company. Breaching of intellectual property also come as it software produce by company has occupied the whole world and is the one of the important source of income of that company which are vulnerable to both piracy and litigation.Environment factors: the devices and appliances of apple largely depend upon electricity. Therefore is vulnerable factor to increase the rate of electricity. Due to manufacturing various devices in china it has leads to environment pollution an has also contribution on green house effect.Technological factors: The high proportion of revenue of Apple comes from technology, the smart phones produce by this company has dominated other company therefore, it has no doubt that it has recruited and has selected immense population of for job. As it occupies huge market it also suffers from cyber crime that takes away the most competitive advantage which is a high reputation for security and safety.

Economical factors: Though apple has its high revenue due to economic crisis and recession the revenue can be negative which can hamper in the process of HR planning and job analysis. Higher the company growth rate high will be the employment opportunity. The cause of economical factor in the Apple company can be inflation rate, higher labour wages by china, rising value of US dollar etc. Social factors: Apple is the brand that everyone wants to carry it has become a brand for the lifestyle of the people nowadays. People in this era live in the virtual world which also makes plus point for the company like Apple to occupy its market.

The large the market the high employment opportunity it creates and HR team of this company has to their homework on their job designing and analysing. (My assignment) I have chosen political/ legal factor that impact on the human resource planning job designing and quality of the work. Every company should follow the rules and regulation of the country where their business is being operated. Similarly Apple should also follow the rule and regulation the country from where they are operating, manufacturing etc. As being a multinational company it should face the legal problem domestically and internationally. Apple is a brand which is recognized by the world.

The company operates from fourteen countries and maintains 408 retail stores in addition to the online Apple Store and iTunes Store. It earned high revenue and have its competitors like Samsung, Huawei in the smart phone and HP, dell, Acer in the world of laptop. As there is high competition it has to recruit person who are well educated, skill knowledge and should be suitable candidate that fit in the organisation (Grant, 2016). Apple provides the employees opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and skills while doing jobs in the organization. It encouraged to learn on the job and provides an opportunity for training and development.

On apart from this, the Apple helps to provide on-the –job training which allow employees to enhance their skills on the job. Human resource PlanningHuman resource planning is performed when there is vacancy in the organisation or employees from that organisation get retire, resign or promoted from their post. Also, new positions develop as the business expands by merging, collaborating etc. Therefore, for all the organisation recruitment is an ongoing process.(wiley, 9th edition) the external environment plays vital role in performing the human resource planning. While performing HR Planning apple should take consideration of legal and political environment.

It should understand the political issue wage rate given to the employee of that country. While hiring it should give more important to the local people of that country rather than hiring skilled manpower from outside that country. After planning how much employee to hire and deciding to whom to promote by consulting with the top management it should do the job designing.Australia has one of the highest and strongest iPhone penetration rates in the this global, it’s reasonable to assume it has give rise to some of that money in the last quarter by selling iphones on these shores. (Mcduling, 2015). Recently the government of Australia has made some changes in the rules and regulation of the country. Australian Government has increased the transportation rate, The Government has secured landmark export deals that help Australian enterprises to approach into new markets in the Australia.

The Australian Government has signed export trade deals with China, South Korea and Japan and has also signed on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP-11). It has given emphasis on declining the tax burden on enterprises which will help them for the investment, expand, employ more Australians and pay higher wages. This changes of political rules on Australia has made Apple to expand its proprietorship within the Australia also the Government is investing around $2.4 billion to intake Australia’s public technology infrastructure, which includes supercomputers, world class satellite imagery, a national space agency, research into artificial intelligence and more accurate GPS. This will make the technological company like Apple to incorporate their business in Australia. (common wealth , 2018-19). The pay wage of employee has also been increased with increase in pay rate of transportation. As Apple is the multinational company and has provided employment opportunity many employee of Australia has benefited and increased their living standard of people in the same way due to increase in the pay rate company are not being able to give job opportunity as cost can increased therefore many people are not getting job opportunity in Apple and skill people are not been able to hire by Apple country.

It is all sue to political/ legal changes in the Australia.Job AnalysisIt is the next step after planning organisation should analyse the job. Organisation does not hire anyone until the organisation is clear about what it is hiring them to do. In other words, the organisation must understand the exactly why they are announcing of a job vacancy before it can recruit the right person at the right time in a particular place to do it. The job analysis is looking carefully or it is a planned research of the task, duties and responsibilities of a job where legal external environment plays vital role. Apple Mac Computer Inc.

strategy is to engage in the political process with a view to the long term interests of Apple and its shareholders. The competition between apple and other company is very high. Samsung is also one of the best brand compare to Apple both manufacture the smart phones so while hiring the employee Apple to put into concern to hire one of the best employ with creativeness that further lead Apple to next level. It should provide proper wage rate or salary, there should be promotion for skilled employment. The consent should be legal and should be benefited for both the party.

The rules and regulation of the company should be properly written that employee should understand. The legal factor plays vital role in the job analysis. The key factors that should be in the job analysis are:• Task identity• Variety• Responsibility• Working environment• Recognition and supportThe job analysis for a vary position consists of following two parts: A job description: It is written statement that presents employee’s duties, tasks and responsibilities what they will be performing during their working period. In legal terms the job should be describe clearly as per the rule and regulation of the organisation. In case of Apple Inc. Employees are given the summery of written documents in which it consist of all the description of the job employee’s task and responsibility and company’s rules and regulations.

A job specification:It is a list of the qualifications chosen by acknowledging the skill and education of the employee who is needed to do a particular job in terms of education, knowledge and experience. After processing job description and then staffing and employee been identified, an organisation is able to begin its recruiting procedures. What kind of job to be done is known from advertisement by employee and from educational documents and resume by the employers which are very much necessity. Being an international recognized multinational company Apple also follows the same pattern where first job is described and then it is specified according to the skill and experienced of the person. Recruitment After HR planning and job analysing recruitment process is conducted by the company. Recruitment is the process to find out the suitable employee by using various means and media such as advertisement through newspaper, televisions, internet etc. There are two types of recruitment method they are internal and external.

Internal recruitment processes are conducted within the organisation. Internal recruitment process is done by the recommendation and reference. Whereas in the external process the suitable candidate may found outside of the organisation. The recruitment process is chosen by looking size and the hierarchy of the organisation. It is done by using different types of means and media, advertisement, agency etc. As the legal/political system in Australia has changed and the pay wage rate in the Australia has increased the company is recruiting less employee and they are managing their old employee for multitasking work by rotating method, enlargement and entrenchment method.Quality of work


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