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Last updated: June 11, 2019

Saturdays : should it be a school time or a free time?Starting from this year, Indonesia applied Full day school policy which makes Saturday a free time for students. And its great, students can have more free time and more family time. Saturdays should be free time instead of school time. There are some benefits of Saturday being a free time for students.

Saturdays being a free time can make the students feel more ready to be at school on Monday because they have 2 days of weekend. If the students are too tired , they will not be ready for school and they often skip school on Monday or they can be not focused at class. Saturdays being a free time also means the students can have more family time than usual. They can have more quality time with their family and release the stress they get from school. Adding school on saturday will just take away student’s free time for activities they enjoy, such as sports and hanging out with friends and family and it will add up to their stress.

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Saturdays being a free time is also great because the students can do their homeworks on Saturday and they can relax the other day. If Saturday is school day , a family that wants to take a family trip on the weekend, they would only have one free day (Sunday) to do so, and even then the student would have to worry about homework and studying for the next day. Also, having school almost every day will keep kids from being motivated to learn, since they will have little free time. Therefore, school on saturdays is a bad idea.Based on the benefits above , Saturdays should be a free time instead of school time. Free time can make them relax and ready for the next school day on Monday.

Other than that , there are so many benefits on making Saturday a free time.


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