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Last updated: February 28, 2019

Satan and other rebel angels were thrown out a strange place called chaos. There, they planned a revenge. But the big question is what did Satan suffer to have that yearning for revenge against God? As we have read, he lived as a powerful angel in the heaven and everything was fine there. In the lines below, I am going to write why I consider it was his greed the problem.

To start with; Satan had a bad desire. He had a craving to be as God, to have the worship and manage everything. God was the only one with an absolute position. Behind his desire was his greed. We can detect a greedy person by his actions. The poem tells that he was not the only one was thrown out the heaven, millions of angels were his followers, all of them were greedy. Evidently, Satan did not want to be ruled, he opposed God as his ruler, he desired the glory.

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That greed filled and contaminated his being. Therefore, Satan’s problem was his greed to have what belonged and deserved to God. As God says in the poem “they are the authors of their evil”.


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