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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Sampling Technique Proportional Stratified Random Sampling technique was used in the study.

Three section with the population of 100 and above were used as the basis for its stratum.Research Instrument The study used a self-made questionnaire. It was composed of two pages. It included the determinants of using correct usage of Punctuation Marks in the ability of the Grade 8 students in terms of using correct Punctuation Marks.Validation of the Instrument The questionnaire was subjected to content validation by experts who were comprised of one English master teacher from school.

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His comments and suggestions were considered in the revision of the questionnaire.Data Gathering Procedures Prior to data gathering, a request letter duly noted by the English teacher of Grade 8 students. The letter was forwarded to the principal of Oriental Mindoro Academy to allow the researcher to administer the questionnaire to the respondents. After collecting the answer sheets, it was checked by the researcher.

The data collected were tallied, tabulated and treated using appropriate statistical tools.Statistical Treatment of the DataChapter IVPRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA This chapter includes the interpretation of the data gathered from the respondents.1. Extend of the Determinants of correct usage of Punctuation Marks in the ability of the Grade 8 students in Terms of:1.1 Reading Habit1.2


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