Salman AljabaaENG 200
September 4, 2018
Cherokee Language
The New Kituwah Academy has been able to ensure that there is an increase in the number of people who are speaking Cherokee and this through the incorporation of children to the system.

The children who are currently speaking Cherokee within the New Kituwah Academy are in the second grade.

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At the New Kituwah Academy, Cherokee is the language that is used when it comes to all the instructions that are used in all the subjects.

The language has 86 characters that are taught to the children in terms of their reading and writing skills.

Parents of the children are also required to learn the Cherokee language which is sometimes difficult for them since they are not in the ideal stage of learning second language like the children.

There are individuals who have been assigned by the New Kituwah Academy to translate the stories to Cherokee in order to simplify the learning of the language to the learners.

About 7-9 years ago, there were about 100 Cherokee speakers, but today, there is about 250 fluent speakers of the language.

The New Kituwah Academy started the program of teaching Cherokee in 2004. The program started with eight infants. The infants are now capable of reading, writing and singing as well as peaking in Cherokee.

The New Kituwah Academy has teachers who play a role when it comes to the development of the lesson plans that are used in the teaching of Cherokee. For instance, there is the translations of the information about the planets in a manner that ensures that there is no losing of the meanings that are employed when writing in Cherokee.

Lastly, the New Kituwah Academy has a second language specialists who is involved in the teaching of the infants about Cherokee as one of the second language that is being taught in the academy.

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