Safety studies were being conducted all over the world for the additional awareness of the construction industries. Tam, C.M., et. al.(2004), construction is one of the most hazardous industries due to its unique nature. Alli, B.O.(2008), around 270 million people in the world fall victim to occupational injuries, fatal and non-fatal every year which could be preventable by implementing measures and methods. The aim of any construction industry is to end the project with no incidents or accidents occur. The method in defining the zero base accidents is impossible but with the full commitment and cooperation of worker and the employer, it will give the best result between the two parties.

In Middle East in Asia, the proper implementation of safety is of big impact. There will be no work, without safety officer in the jobsite. Of course, in the country like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and UAE, workers are welcome because of their construction in industrial plants such as oils, chemicals, petroleum and kerosene.

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Sudden change of climate also affects the world of construction. In Saudi Arabia, Mecca, a place where the pilgrims will come from the different parts of the world just to visit the tomb of Allah. Upon constructing the tower, the crane fell down because of the strong winds. Many pilgrims get injured and died because of the said accident.

Due to the climate change, poor safety management and poor government regulations, many workers will be at risks.

1.2 The construction industry and its program – Philippine Setting

The “Build, Build, Build” program of the Philippine government is the most priority of the Duterte administration. Now, it is very evident in the area of Luzon such as highways, bridges, and buildings. The program creates job, thus; it also help the Philippine economy. It needs people who will work for the job like Engineers, Foremen, Operators and Labors. The construction industries are of more concern in the safety of the workers who will be exposed to the activities.

Last May 22, 2018, DPWH urged to boost safety measures after Cavite flyover collapse(Musico, J., 2018). Sec. Roque said that due to the program, many infrastructures were being constructed and he ask the DPWH to strengthen the safety measures of all government projects.

1.3 Safety training and commitment

Arocena and Nunez(2010), the term small-sized enterprises are those below 50 employees. Small enterprise is common in Cagayan de Oro. It is very difficult also to have an accreditation as contractor with bigger projects. Most contractors will give some of the items to the subcontractors. These subcontractors will then be considered as small enterprise since it composes of small numbers of workers. The role of such enterprise is significant in implementing the traditional technical preventive measures with the workers.

Some other groups like International Labour Organization(ILO) are organizing such training program course for about two weeks in improving workplace conditions. It includes workshops, visit and practical improvements. Kawakami,, Work Improvement in Small Enterprises(WISE) conducted their courses in the Philippines, Thailand and other countries.

In this term paper, the primary concern is the commitment of small enterprises towards safety. High rate of accidents will happen only if the workers do not know the methods of working safely. It will be good to assess the capability of safety trainings of Filipino Workers in Cagayan De Oro since the construction industry is booming. There were big projects in the city, so the risk is higher. The more the workers should undergo trainings. Hasle, P. & Limborg, H.J.(2006) the small enterprises has a higher risk, and their ability to control risk is lower. Many studies show that the small have problems with fulfilling legal requirements for control of occupational health and safety.

1.4 Small enterprises response to safety

Langford, D., et. al(2000) safety behavior and safety management implementations strategies were being studied. The responses of the workers towards safety were also examined. The significance of the study will correlate the development of strong positive attitudes towards safety management. Zin and Ismail., et. al.(2012) human behavior is factor which contributes the construction accidents. The worker should act something that is in compliance with the requirements in the activities in the site. Safety management of the contractors reveals to be one of the priorities (Tam, C.M., et. al., 2004). Lack of training and poor safety awareness contributes the occupational incidents and accidents.

1.5 Small enterprise management in health and safety

The owner is also the manager of the enterprise (Andersen,, 2007). Most of the time, he/she handles the management issues, sales, production and procurement. Many owners were doing the practical job as well as working during day. So the manager should understand more in his/her approach the proper management in safety and health.

The effect of poor management in safety and health could be 1.) lack of knowledge of the correct regulations that is required by the agency 2.) the understanding about economic progression is less 3.) lack of knowledge about the methods of working safely

1.6. Role of the Experts and Union Supports

The participation of the established training program POSITIVE(Participation-Oriented Safety Improvements by Trade Union InitiatiVE) an action-oriented program from PAKISTAN(Kawakami, T.,, 2004) provides the workers a document manual that is easy to understand. The information about safety and health were compiled as training manuals which refers to the checklist needed in the construction industry.
Trade union is helping the small enterprises in their approach to the occupational safety and health.


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