Saad Daouil
AP Literature
Heart of Darkness Section 1 Questions
The atmosphere that the author creates along the river as they wait for the tide to rise is luminous in the beginning but dark and gloomy in the end. He describes the air as “Gravesend” and the night as a “mournful gloom.”He’s implying that the “greatest town on earth” isn’t as great as we might think.
The Director of Companies is both the Captain and the host. He is respected and trusted. The Lawyer is old but is very wise. The Accountant is trying to start a game of dominoes. Everyone on the ship is able to get along with one another. Then there is Marlow. He looks very sick and fragile. He’s the only one that doesn’t look like he fits in with the rest of the crew. These are the ships that were mentioned,”The Golden Hind returning with her around flanks full of treasure. The Erebus and Terror bound on the requests-and that never returned.”
The literal distinction he draws between the Roman imperialism and the colonization of his own time is that The british, like the romans lived in uncivil conditions to civilize the natives, but in trying to civilize them, they became savages. “They were conquerors and for that you want only brute force-nothing to boast of.” He’s saying that the difference between them was that they were conquerors. This is what he literally means.
The doctor takes measurements of Marlow’s skull, he also tells Marlow that he doesn’t get to see the men who make it back from Africa. The doctor says that, “the changes take place inside.” The doctor wants to learn about anything that can give the Belgians an advantage in colonial situations.
The ship is there because they were fighting one of their wars there. “It appears the French had one of their wars going on thereabouts.”
He seen six black men walking together and it reminded him “of that ship of war” that was “firing into a continent.” They also met a swede that condemns them for not caring about work, but about money.
Marlow believes that the General Manager wanted the ship to sink. He believes it was sank on purpose
He says that Kurtz is The chief of the Inner Station. Marlow then laughs at this and the brickmaker then says that he’s a prodigy. The brickmaker makes Kurtz look like an angel who wants to bring the “civilized” European qualities like “pity, science, and progress” to Africa.
Their purpose was “To tear treasure out of the bowels of the land was their desire, with no more moral purpose at the back of it than there is in burglars breaking into a safe.”Their objective is to use up all of the earth’s resources for profit, and they have no justification for what their doing. They just do what they want.


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