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Last updated: October 15, 2019

Ryanair Holdings was the first founder of a low-cost scheduled passenger airline in Europe.

The headquarters of the company is in Dublin, Ireland. Ryanair goes to 34 countries mainly in Europe. Their business model means their profit was €1.3 billion last year. The cost is low because they only have one class of aircraft, more seats for their customers and only travel short flights.

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They fly from their base in the UK. There are some actions that Ryanair should undertake to ensure it is still a product used by consumers and hopefully gain more customers. Firstly, Ryanair can make different classes in their aircraft such as business class or first class. This is because some people do not like to sit with a lot of people beside them. They can also wider their aircraft so that there is more sit for the passengers.

Moreover, they can put in fewer seats so that people have more space.Ryanair can provide private jets at private smaller airports. This can gain profit to Ryanair because more ministers or government are flying between the UK and Europe. They can negotiate a special deal with the UK government.

For example, the British prime minister, Theresa May, is now flying around Europe to make a deal about Brexit. On the other hand, the alternative way is that the Ryanair provide helicopters for them. Ryanair can make a long haul to other countries such as Africa and Asia. This can attract more customers because many people want to travel long distance with the lower price. According to the Irish Times on March 13, Ryanair has announced that the flights to Turkey starting in June.

It is almost the same as the Norwegian Air Shuttle. They are also a low-cost airline that does transatlantic. They launched their long haul in May 2013. Ryanair can support more charity partner to make the customer good point of view. One of Ryanair charity partner is ISPCC Childline.

Nowadays, people look at the things that a company do. They can make some advertisement on the television, newspaper and at the roadside. They also can sponsor more clubs. For example, sponsor some football clubs and Formula One.

In this way, people can see their names everywhere rather than on their own website. Due to Brexit, the Ryanair can make a based in European Union (EU) before March 2019. This can make a difference because they need to pay tax if they fly at their skies. The ‘open skies’ policy can affect the Ryanair.

They need to pay tax to pass through the European Union (EU) skies if they are based in the UK.In conclusion, if the Ryanair follow the above ways, they can gain a lot of customers day by day.


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