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Last updated: May 3, 2019

Ruby Moon was made by Matt Cameron and is optimistic, modern Australian drama with elements in pinpoint to its advancement of characters. The style of is plus that of a mental drama as it exposes the huge holes in Ray and Sylvie’s state of mind as the story happens their mental flaws become realistic and is represented in the book.

I have chosen to take a small piece of the scene one example which builds the characters of Sid and Sylvie. The next one that I praise it presents clear relating of the three hidden themes of the play during the special celebrations focus of Australian. One of these is that the conditions of fear and lack of trust in modern times and the developing distance and doubt it can lead to within neighborhoods.

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This idea is shown in the scene when Sid asks Sylvie ” are you going to hurt me?” In which Sylvie responds, ” Why would you think I’d hurt you?” To which Sid replies, ” Well why else would you be here!” Where the author is showing audience positively shown a sense of suspicion among these neighbours and come back on the state of mental disorder that these characters would have to have reached to this.

In today society is a lot more familiar of the dangers that come or will be waiting around every edge that the old times believe the world is so much scarier and bad now then it might have been ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago closer to their generation. But the only reason we even know about these upsetting disagreeing worse case situations is that of newspapers, websites, and TV.

So when listening about any shocking and truly terrible story that happen the other week in this scary and crazy newel world we live in today. We have to remember that maybe it is not the world and its people around us that have swapped but the useful valuable supplies that are able to be done which have made our generation just a little more aware of less having no knowledge of the possible dangers the world can bring. The themes of the dishonest actions that ruin your trust of innocence are also clearly proved in this small section take a small piece of when we hear Sid say to Sylvie ” Doors are locked, windows shut tight. Once nice and normal pictured book neighborhoods.


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