Robert E Lee
By Shawn BoosRobert E Lee was an American Confederate army general. He helped lead the south against the north Union army during the American civil war. Lee is known for the huge role he played with helping the Confederate Army. He commanded the southern forces for three years until his surrender in 1865.
Robert E Lee was born in 1807 on January 19th. He was born in Northeastern Virginia in his family home called Stratford Hall. Lee came from a long line of American patriots. Lee wanted to continue his families’ legacy and started at West Point at 18 years old. Lee then graduated from West Point in 1831.
When the United States went to war with Mexico, Lee got the chance to show how great of a soldier he was. During this war, he was known for being a brave commander. When the U.S. had won the war, Lee was seen as a hero and was sought to be a great general in the next war that the U.S. would face.
His first civil war battle was in 1859. He was asked to end John Brown’s revolt and Lee did so in just an hour. He was then asked to help lead the Union army but turned it down and quit the military because his loyalty belonged to Virginia. Then in 1861, Lee agreed to help the Confederate army. In 1862, he was put in charge of the army of Northern Virginia. He had many big victories that included the Seven Days Battles and the Second Manassas. But after this, things seemed to go down hill for Robert E Lee. At the battle of Antietam, he barely got out alive. He then took another big loss at the battle of Gettysburg. Things continued to go badly for Lee and in 1864 the Union had control of Richmond and Petersburg. Then in 1865, Robert E Lee was forced to surrender to Union General Ulysses S Grant.
After the war, Lee became a President of a college in Virginia but then died of a stroke in 1870. Robert E Lee will always be known for his work on the battlefield and his loyalty to Virginia. Lee was one of the top Generals in U.S. history who had many victories for the Confederates in the Civil war and for the U.S. in the American Mexican war.


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