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Last updated: February 7, 2019

Roads in india are a well-liked means for both traveller and merchandise development. Travel by road gives a ton of adaptability, comfort, speed and unwavering quality, prominently at short separations in urban areas and towns. Consequently, it’s the pre-eminent favored medium of transportation. However, Indian roads in urban areas, towns and those interfacing them are in an extremely poor condition.

Their advancement and maintenance have not kept pace with the development in transport populace. Consequently, there are mishaps, serious injuries and passings all around. Indian streets are red with human blood. The rate of street mishaps and following misfortune in man and material in India is one of the highest. The disregard of Indian streets is disgraceful. Within the first road plan, the expense was 6.

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9 percent of total country`s expenditure that declined to 3 percent by the Eighth road plan. The disregard and poor maintenance of Indian roads have made the street travel terribly venturous.


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