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Last updated: April 6, 2019

Rishitha Adusumilli and Gitali TeckchandaniMs.ChonScience5 April 2018Science Capsule Project For our science capsule project, we decided to put fuzzy socks made of wool around a small cardboard box.

This is because the wool is a good insulator because it’s dense. These socks will trap the cold air inside the container and keep the warm air out. Similarly, in winter, they trap the warm air in, and keep the cold air out.

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The cardboard of the box gives it a more box-like shape while also providing structural support. We then bordered the larger box’s interior with styrofoam and put cotton balls inside and used it as another layer of insulation. Finally, we put the smaller box inside the larger one and buried it in the cotton balls. Cotton balls are a good insulator like wool because they contain many air-filled pockets which can trap warm air within them, preventing energy from being transferred. Styrofoam is also a good insulator because it contains lots of trapped gas bubbles. These gas molecules are far apart, making it difficult for them to interact with each other and transfer heat. If they do transfer, then they either give away or take energy.

Finally, the entire exterior of the box is covered in a layer of aluminum foil. Aluminium foil, although thin, is a good insulator because it prevents radiation and heat from getting inside the box by reflecting heat from the sun back out. One possible error that could have been made during testing is that the cotton got in touch with the ice. Since the cotton stores heat, it can heat itself up, keeping it’s surroundings cold, but not itself. We found all the necessary materials to create this medicine container. The insulator together will keep an ice cube frozen for an adequate amount of time


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