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Last updated: February 14, 2019

Ricki WrightProfessor Cooper English 1301 WC1October 13, 2018Writing for a Cause: A Research ProposalLife with Diabetes We all have someone that we love that has diabetes.

In my family’s health history diabetes plays a huge role. My younger sister found out she had it when she was in her early teens. My sister was in middle school at the time and it was hard on her because the only other person we knew that had it was our father’s brother. She had to learn to check her blood sugar and give herself a shot, and her lifestyle changed forever. Some of her friends could not understand why she needed to be careful with what she ate. My sister now lives a happy diabetic managed life. I would like to know what is the most important way to help manage a family member that lives with diabetes?According to my preliminary research, there are numerous ways to manage diabetes.

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For example, The American Diabetes Association website gives an immense amount of information about the basics of diabetes and living with diabetes. This is one of the most rapidly spreading diseases in the United States. In the United States, there are more than 26 million people diagnosed every day. The importance of research studies is to prevent the progression of complications of diabetes. Brent Wisse, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine, says in his article, “Long-term Complications of Diabetes”, Having diabetes is when your blood sugar is higher than normal. Your high sugar levels in the blood can cause problems in your body after many years. Some of the effects with diabetes are eye problems along with trouble seeing, and especially at night. Might even become blind because of your high sugar levels.

High levels of sugar will also affect your feet and legs. Some complications for diabetics are high blood pressure which could lead to cardiovascular disease. But eating right and getting plenty of excise will help keep these in control.

Next, in Lene Povleson and Karin C. Ringsberg, “Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences” this article discusses Diabetes as a serious chronic disease. Diabetes is not a disease that targets only a certain race, ethnicity, or gender. Though having different ethnic backgrounds can be a risk factor.

This article was recommended because it gives an insight on how families outside the United States cope with their children having diabetes. Children with diabetes should get in the routine of checking blood sugar levels , and excising at least sixty minutes a good meal plan. Additionally, in this article, one of the biggest problems with the needs of diabetic patients according to Carl E. Mogensen, MD, Pharmacology of Diabetes: “New Developments in Improving Life and Medicines”.

Mogensen writes in his article that the diabetic has options on medications that fit them better. For example, here are a few synthetic insulins, human, and bovine. Understanding that someone with diabetes must make a change in their lifestyle to control and manage diabetes.So far from the research, it seems that diabetes is still on the rise no matter your age or your family’s health history. I believe that we should understand that this choric disease of diabetes can be managed with proper medication, excise and lifestyle changes. It is important to know the signs and symptoms for example extreme hunger, fatigue, and frequent urination. If you think a loved one has diabetes contact your doctor.

The sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner you can be treated. Until there is a cure, education and management of diabetes should be followed as directed.


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