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Last updated: May 4, 2019

/rganisations that have trust and accountability amongemployees are usually successful! this can only take placewhen top management sets the example and then builds thatexample into every section and unit of the organisation? Todevelop and maintain trust and accountability within a team!you ‘rst have to create it by doing the following#$establish and maintain integrity! which is the foundation of trust in any organisation? 1ntegrity must begin from the top andmove down? This means! among other things keeping promises!and always telling the truth! no matter how di?cult it might be? This will make people believe in the organisation?$communicating the organisation(s vision and values isimportant! because it de’nes where the organisation is goingand the methods for getting there are established? $consider all employees as equal partners! where the newestemployee or the lowest paid feels important and part of theteam? This begins with management not being aloof! butgetting out and meeting workers? This should be followed byleaders seeking the opinion and ideas from them!acknowledging their contributions! knowing their names andtheir families! and treating one and all with genuine respect? $focus on shared! rather than personal goals! where employeesfeel everyone is pulling together to accomplish a shared vision!rather than a series of personal agendas? $team members do what is right regardless of personal risks!following this instinctive sense and ignoring any personal Laura Hota Paunconsequences will always create respect from those around!and from this respect will come trust? To ensure that trust and accountability within a team ismaintained avoid acting and speaking inconsistently! seekingpersonal rather than shared gain! withholding information!telling lies or half$truths and being closed minde


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