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Last updated: April 7, 2019

Review of the LiteratureThe following pages contain a review of the literature related to the A Study of Internet Addiction and Depression among University Students. This literature review focuses on the effect on a student who uses social media every day and effect of that on the health and mental healthDocumentationThe scholarly literature used for this study was obtained from the International Journal of Behavioral Research & Psychology. Additional information used for this study was obtained from peer-reviewed journals, government websites, and publications and published. Internet AddictionThere were several articles available about adverse effects of the internet on the human mind.

There is a similar incidence of depression among individuals addicted to the internet and of internet addiction among depressive patients. Depression manifests as deep sorrow or grief, insomnia, loss of appetite, unpleasant mood, hopelessness, irritability, self-dislike, and suicidal tendencies.DepressionResearch on internet addiction and depression demonstrated that the overuse of the internet, which results in a disruption of the normal lives of an individual and the people around him, was associated with an increase in the frequency of depression. excessive internet use can displace valuable time that people spend with family and friends, which leads to smaller social circles and higher levels of loneliness and stress.

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