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Last updated: February 20, 2019

REVIEW OF THE ARTICLEThe statistic of students with learning disabilities have increased in number in context of education curriculum that push us to make the need for effective instructional supports for them (Frederick J. Brigham, Thomas E. Scruggs, Margo A. Mastropieri). Therefore, it is to help increase the number of successful students among them and let be them continue the generation to teach others with same disabilities. As we know, science is part of the curriculum that can be quite challenging to students with LD because of their diverse cognitive demands performance. It is very important for teachers to innovate the strategies of teaching style in classroom to set the target or improve the outcomes for students with LD in science education.

My opinion regarding to help SLD student learn the science subject is the teacher must notice what type of their disabilities. Somehow, SLD might have different disorder with others SLD that they were put together in one class. For example, SLD have at least one low basic academic skill, either in reading and writing or math. A science unit that incorporates vocabulary terms about rocks, such as igneous, sedimentary, and luminescent may be challenging for students with reading problems. Otherwise, some students also might have visual disorder where they have difficulty to understand the visual displays, power point slides or data tables and many more of disorder that SLD students could have. Therefore, the teachers can create a group to differentiate based on their disabilities for easiest way to convey the subject and varies of modification towards teaching styles. It is not only benefits to SLD students but to others normal students also. It is because the teachers must show to students that learn the science subject is attainable and interesting for students.

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Second, the collaboration among science teachers and special education teachers emphasize on activities based instruction or experimental learning. SLD students did not have an ability to study like other normal students. Therefore, they should be encouraged to explore by their own sensory and more motivated to learn and to participate in class.

Besides, they can demonstrate more on-task behaviors. The teachers need to be creative by having the science materials as a toy or 3-D teaching method for them but at the same time it is useful for them to memorize the figure and function. It can help as a mnemonics technique that has been mention on this article. For example, the teacher can bring an artec human skeleton model in class and let them explored while explaining the function. Other than that, the teachers also can create a game using the science materials to enhance their understanding and not only refer to the textbook or presenting a dull teaching for SLD students.Third, I strongly agreed with the ideas from the article about the different teaching styles and the modification teaching in classroom.

It is because facing the SLD student is not easy especially when refer to science subject. Moreover, science subject are more facts and theory that we cannot change. Same goes to the scientific names that are very difficult to memorize. Furthermore, being a teacher is not only to teach but they must observe what SLD student need and comfort them to love learn about nature. The teachers must collaborate with each other to help the delivering of the subject nicely. For example, science teacher shows the simple video of certain topic and for special education teacher use the simple language or other method to translate the video. It is also important for teachers for always give them support and never pull them down to motivate their goals for science class. To summarize, it is important for teachers use the appropriate teaching method to help and enhance the experience of SLD in the science classroom.

It is also will help to increase their chances of success and motivation to learn science subjects not only for biology but for physic and chemistry. I emphasize on how the instruction during in classroom with create the activities based instruction or experimental learning and also group for differentiated the SLD student based on their disabilities. Moreover, this article has stated to create the cooperative learning which is grouping of students is not based on their ability.

It is because to ensure that all members in the groups cooperate and have positive effects on one another. In contrary, this is the variety method of teaching that teachers must to adapt. This variety will help to improve the innovation of teaching skills and will promote the effective science learning for all students.


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