Topic: Education

Last updated: March 20, 2019

Results. Moderate to vigorous physical activity was lower and inactivity higher for non-Hispanic black and Hispanic adolescents. Participation in school physical education programs was considerably low for these adolescents and decreased with age. Participation in daily school physical education (PE) program classes (adjusted odds ratio AOR: 2.21; confidence interval CI: 1.82–2.68) and use of a community recreation center (AOR: 1.75; CI: 1.56–1.96) were associated with an increased likelihood of engaging in high level moderate to vigorous physical activity. Maternal education was inversely associated with high inactivity patterns; for example, having a mother with a graduate or professional degree was associated with an AOR of .61 (CI: .48-.76) for high inactivity. High family income was associated with increased moderate to vigorous physical activity (AOR: 1.43; CI: 1.22–1.67) and decreased inactivity (AOR: .70; CI: .59–.82). High neighborhood serious crime level was associated with a decreased likelihood of falling in the highest cate


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