Response to “Our Final Awakening”
In the document, Chen Duxiu demonstrates his beliefs about how difficult to build a constitutional government in China during 1910s. Overall, he totally has a negative attitude toward traditional Chinese culture and philosophy, using a lot of ironic words to describe ancient Chinese ruler. For instance, Duxiu believes ancient ruler is “sage” and his officers are “wise”, which indicates Chen’s opposite view of people’s obedience to those “wise people”. What’s more, Chen holds a view that constitutional government just represents benefits for the few such as dignitaries and influential elders, who serve as the same function as the sage rulers and wise ministers in the past. Therefore, a feasible government at that time should represents interests of majority of people.

To compare Chen’s idea and Liang’s idea, Liang holds a view that China emphasizes the importance of family while the West focuses on relationship of the individual to the community. In this case, China is an ethics-based society and the West is an individual-based society. Therefore, both Chen and Liang’s ideas indicates the sense of infeasibility of constitutional government in China at that time.

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To compare Chen’s idea and Sun’s idea, Sun believes that China should have a republican government and people should abandon depraved customs, superstitious beliefs and geomancy. Besides, he demonstrates that government should promote to encourage the exercise of political rights by people, which matches the idea of Chen Duxiu. Furthermore, both of Chen and Sun agree with people’s lack of knowledge in China. In this case, Sun further demonstrates that people have to trained and need time to get used to new constitutional government, which is a little bit different from Chen’s idea.

In conclusion, Chen Diuxiu represents Chinese’s strong desire to reform their country and win respects from westerner.


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