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Table of contentSr.noTitle1 Title of the study2 Abstract3 Keywords4 Introduction5 Objective of the study6 Hypothesis7 Scope of the study8 Significance of the study9 Limitation of the study10 Profile of the customer11 Review of literature 12 Research methodologyResearch designSampling designSampling elementsSample sizeSampling methodData collectionPrimary data Secondary dataData collection period13 Data analysis(tables, piecharts)14 Conclusion; recommendation15 Appendix(questionnaire attached)TO STUDY IMPACT OF ADVERTISING ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS COSMETICS PRODUCTS IN PUNE CITY SHERLA. GAYATRI. RAJU1.ABSTRACTIn present world advertisment is one of the form of marketing communication to attract audiencen towards cosmetics products.Advertisment plays an important role in changing the behaviour ;atitude of the consumer.

The present study aim to explain the variety of factor that affects consumer buying behaviour towards cosmetics,cosmetics industy is one of the biggest industry in india. The research is need to find out the perception of customerd towards advertising,customer satisfaction;loyalty towards particular poducts./brand.

The methodology adopted for the study is descriptive method,A questionnaire was collectd from 40 respondents factors affecting consumers on advertising to buy cosmetics. KEYWORDSAdvertising,consumer behaviour,demand ,brand,customer loyalty 1.1 INTRODUCTIONAdvertisment plays an importnt role in changing the behaviour ;attitude of consumers for buying cosmetics products showed in advertisment.The purpose of advertisment is to attraction attention of customer to buy new products.Consumers are final end users of the products. Consumers demad are different for different commodities on the basis of taste ;preferences.

The market has become significant as consumers are becoming aware of their beauty ; appearance.Advertisment is powerful tool in shaping consumers perception.The design ;packaging of product will helpcustomer to buy new products.

The main purpose of this study is to provide an overview of consumer familarity;information but also attachment ;preference towrds cosmetics products. 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYTo study ;identify the impact of advertismenton consumer awarness.To study influence of advertisment in motivating consumers on particular brand of product.To study ;find age group which is influenced by advertiding;to know extent to which cosmetics for consumers are based on advrttising.To find out motives ;reasons of consumers for demanding adertised cosmetic products.To study factor affecting the consumer buying process with respect to advertising.

To study reasons of consumers for maintaining loyalty towards brands.. HYPOTHESIS OF THE STUDYH0:-T here is no relationship between advetisment;consumer awarness.H0:-There is is relationship between advertisment;consumer awarness.

H2:- There is relationship between advertisement ;consumer perception.H3:- consumer awarness ;consumer perception has no impact on buying behavior.H0:- Consumer awarness;consumer perception has impact on buying behaviour .1.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY.The study is based on the impact ofvadvertising on consumer buying behaviou towards cosmetics products.This study wuill be helpful in getting an insight into the perception of consumers towards advetisment.

The respondents ae randomly selected for the study. The size of respondents were 40 respondents.The study was done during the time period 292018.The questinnaire was designed to collect data from responents.Likert’s scale was used to prepare questionnaire.The consumers are depenent on advertisment& advertisment is independent variabe. 1.5 SIGNIFANCE OF THE STUDYThe particular reseach focuses on the impact of dvertisment on consumers buying behaviour towards cosmetics products.

It explores the factors which ae affected by the advertisment &buying behavour towards cosmetics.The study helped the researcher to understand the consumer while buying cosmetics products so that they can use appropriate stategies toadvertise their products in better & possible way .The consumer should buy the products according t o their taste &preferences.

1.6 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDYThe limitation of the study was it wasvery time consuming.People were not ready to fill the questionnaire.The sample size was too small which was not focused on entire study,ihave used only my area for the survey.The data collection perod wsas too limited.

2.1 PROFILE OF THEB CUSTOMER The cosmetic industry was established in 1920.The profile of customer is based on age 18,18-25,25-40,40&above.In gender there ae more females than males.

marital status many are single least are married.In employment ther are students,notworking,housewife& any other specify. 3. LITERATURE REVIEWThe literature review specially addressed to the behaviour of consumer ,why, when, how people refer to buy new products towards advvertisment.Rameshwari .p.Mathivana.

R.Jeganatham(2016):-Studied consume behaviour towards cosmetics products in Thanjavur,Tamilnadu. The main objective of these study is to identify reasons for purchasing of cosmetics products identify factors influencing buying decision.It was found that though market is dominated with cosmetic product.

The working respondents are more focused about their appearance& ready to buy new products.Jawahar.V.Dr.Tamizhlyothi(2013):-Studied consumer attitude towards cosmetics products.

The main aim of the study wsto examine the attitude &buying behaviour &identify factor which influences them to buy new products.Gupta(2013):-This study concludes that consumer takerational& irrational decision so they can get best product in marke,so they get attract towards advertisement &influence mind of consumersDesai(2014):-The study states that people are highly associated with brands due to quality &results.Consumers are too much attach to the brand they can also wait if there is non availability of the product brandScandra Jackestiene(2008):-Advertising shapes behaviour of people through understanding ,with different thnking of people toward products information communicated to advertising.

these are observed by individuals throughits sense,peceptionattention&attitude.The best way of attracting consumers is to understand the physcological thinking aspects of consumers.Debiprasad Mukherjee(2012):-Studied impact of advertising is also based on crlebrity acceptance on brand image which shows that consumer repot higher self brand that are consistent with celebrity & match the brandShahzad Khan(2012):-Studied attitude is the conduct ,nature,thought,&way of behaving it,can be positive or negative& it performs very essential functions in purchasing a products.

Singh.JD.(1981):-Conducted a survey on “A study of brand loyalty inn india”.T he study conducted that consumers have been found becoming more & more brand loyal depending upon the natureof products they have single/multiple brand loyalty & quality of products.

4.0 METHOIDOLOGYThe study is based onprimaary data questionnaire was distributed to different people in my areas to collect information from 40 respondents.The questionnaire was desingned &collect to study the impact of advertisement on consumer buying behaviour towards cosmetics .Likert’s scale was used to prepare questionnaire.The questionnaire was distributed randomly.

4.0 DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILEBASIC CATEGORY FREQUENCY PERCENTAGEAge 1818-2525-4040;above 215185 5%37.5%45%12.5%Gender FemaleMale 400 100%0%Marital Status MarriedSingle 1921 47.5%52.

5%Employment StudentsNot WorkingHousewifesOther Speciy164191 40%10%47.5%2.5% 4.0 ANALYSIS ; INTERPRETATIONFrom the table 1 we come to know that in age group 5% respondents comes under 18 years,18-25 years 37.5%, 25-40years there are 45%,40 years ; above there is 12.5% respondents. In gender there are more female respondents than male respondents.

In case of marital status 47.5% respondents are married ;52% respondents are single .In case of employment 4o % respondents are students 47.5% respondents are housewifes,,10 % people are non working ,2.5 % people are any other.

4. 1 RESEARCH DESIGNResearch is baed mainly on pimary ; secondary data ie in primary data we collected questionnaire ; 40 responsents were selected for study ; secondary data was collected from google scholar. The research design clearly examines the relationship between female ; male ; their effects of those on advertisement on their purchase decisuion making The advertisement makes awareness to the customer then they take decision (understanding)get opinion from their friends ; they make decisions to buy products. 4. 2 SAMPLE DESIGN4.3.1 Sample Elements:-Sample elements used in these study for questionnaire are students,housewifes,not working ; any other4.3.

2 Sample Size:- In this survey sample size decided was 40 respondents. 4.3.3 Sample Methods:- To study primary data questionnaire was prepared ; collected. It used to know the characteristics ; attitude of people. 5.

0 DATA ANALYSIS ; ANALYSIS Respondents view about advertising5.1) Advertisement make strong perception on products. Perceptions No of respondents PercentageAgree 15 37.5%Strongly Agree 17 42.5%Disagree 8 20%Strongly Disagree 0 0%Table 5.1 Perceptions on productsPie diagram 5.1 Perceptions on productsInterpretation: All people agreed that advertisement make perception on products. And those who agreed strongly are 42.

5% that is 17 respondents.51B) Advertisement helps in making decisions to buy new products Decisions to buy products No of respondents PercentageAgree 20 50%Strongly Agree 13 32.5%Disagree 3 7.

5%Strongly Disagree 4 10%Table 5.1b Decisions to Buy New ProductsPie Diagram 5.1b Decisions to Buy New ProductslefttopInterpretation: Approx 75% people agreed that is take decision to buynew products and approx 25% disagreed to the decision of buying product because they felt advertisement do not help to buy product.

5.2).Rate overall satisfaction of cosmetic products like Hair care, Skin care, Colour Cosmetics ; Fragrance. Satisfaction Rating No of Respondents PercentageSatisfied 40 100%Highly Satisfied 5 12.5%Dissatisfied 20 50%Highly Dissatisfied 15 37.

5%Table 5.2 Overall Satisfaction RatingsPie diagram 5.2 Overall Satisfaction Ratings5.3) Recommended you to buy cosmetic productsRecommending Views No of Respondents PercentageAdvertisement 10 25%Friends ; family 15 37.5%Expert advice 8 20%Personal Experience 7 17.

5%Table 5.3 RecommendationsPie diagram 5.3 RecommendationsInterpretation:The people were more influenced by friends ; family that is 37.5 5.4) Packaging ; presentation helps to buy new productsRespondents views No of respondents PercentageYes 16 40%No 7 17.5%May be 17 42.5%Table 5.4 Respondents viewsPie diagram 5.

4Respondents viewsInterpretation: All Respondents responded by thinking that whether Packaging and presentation help to buy new products, But their views were different from each other. FINDINGSAdvertisment will help to change the opinion of the consumers towards buying new cosmetics products; advertisement can easily convince people to buy new products.By doing this research ,researcher found that the advertiment should be neither too long too short.Researcher found that customer was not fully satisfied,because they pefer more to friends ; family.advise rather than advertising.we should bring products in market according to their taste ; preferences.Some consumers see price more than brand ; product information.

CONCLUSION This study has provided platform to think on different dimensions like what consumer prefer, what make them to buy products, ; how they are satisfied with their products which they have used ; how loyal they are to the brand ; what motivate them to buy the products ofsame brands.Consumers changes their taste ; preferences randomly .The advertisement should be attractive ie.

packaging ; presentation of product makes customers to buy.The customers will be loyal when they get good services ; satisfaction after using products. RECOMMENDATIONSConsumer buying behaviour should be conituously observed while preparing advertisement message.The message should be clear that common people should understand.

Designing ,awareness ; comparision of advertisement is helpful to attract consumers attention. APPENDIX QUESTIONNAIRE PART (1)AGE:-____________2.GenderFemaleMale3.Marital statusSingleMarried4.EmploymentStudentHousewifesNotWorkingOther Specify5.Number of family member staying together PART(2)1 Do you think advertisement make strog perception of products?AgreeStrongly AgreeDiagreeStrongly disagree2.Do advertising helps you in buying new products?AgreeStrongly agreeDisagreeStrongly disagree3 Do you think that packaging ; presentation of of cosmetic products helps you in making buying decision?YesNoMay be4.

What influences you the most; who recommended you to buy new products?AdvertismentFriend ; FamilyExpert advisePersonal experience5.What do you look out for more in an advertisement for cosmetics products?PriceBrandCelebrity ; famous peopleProduct Information6. How long does the impact of advertisement last on you?Few YearsOne Day One WeekMonthMore than a Month7. Please tick overall satisfaction from following cosmetics products.?Products Highly satisfied Highly dissatisfied Somewhat satisfy Somewhat dissatisfySkincare Haircare Colour Cosmetics Fragrance 8.How do you rate yourself for money on buying cosmetics products?Products Heavy Average Don’t spend at allHair care Skincare Colour cosmetics Fragrance How often do you buy folloeing cosmetics products?products Twice in month Once in a momntOnce in 2 month As per needSkincare Haircare Colour cosmetics Fragrance 10.Which of the following product do you use?Sr.noproducts Tick1 Skincare Moisturize BodywashSunscreen Facial 2 Haircare Shampoo Conditioner HaircolourGel 3 Colour cosmetics Lipstick Eyeliner Mascara Foundation Nailpolish4 FaragranceDeodorants perfumes REFERENCESwww.iorjournals.orgwww.aeph.inhttp;//


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