Research indicates that the Human Rights of refugees has been one serious problem for many years. A report focusing on the rights of refugees from Syria and host government toward future by authorize refugees for critical period with recommended solutions (Joint Agency, 2015). One interview study (Fiske, 2016) about refugee protest against immigration detention for their human rights and recognition as human which refugees fight for their recognition and humanities. Another report indicated the future of International Protection of refugees’ human rights in the United Kingdom (Harvey, 2015). All these researches have shown the difficulties refugees face while seeking for asylum and legally support their human rights in other country, but it was not substantial in most countries.
The 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol complemented by international human rights, as stated in Fiske (2016), it is fundamentally applied for everyone which stature as human being (p.5). Besides, basic rights for every human are protected and defended under Human Rights Act 1998 (p.12). Everyone in spite of refugees have the rights to receive basic standard of treatment such as food and shelter, education, work, healthcare and other supports for their needs. However, research found that refugees being treated with inhumanly in other country. Many refugees in detention shows protest because they feel dehumanized and unrecognized in detention; they protest to oppose dehumanizing control and get recognition in a way to feel human life again (Fiske, 2016, p.19). Hence, refugees seek asylum as well as human rights in other county for international protection.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (UDHR), Article 14, stated “the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution” (cited in Harvey, 2015, p.3). Refugees seeking for protection therefore, they can stay and live fearless and harmless away from their country. However, for refugees being legalized is difficult in many countries. As stated in Joint Agency (2015), refugees in Lebanon living under fear of arrest, refoulement and detention if they failed to display legitimate documents at the country boarder and that can cause refugees to have limited access on aid, work and services problems in the country; in Egypt, refugees receive asylum-seekers card by registered with UNHCR which enable them to stay until they accept interview by Refuge Status Determination (RSD), but has issue accessing to public services (p.5).
Refugees should have the right to work to earn income for their living and households. According to Harvey (2015), asylum seekers in general rule are not permitted to work (p.10). Many countries restricted refugees to work yet happened lack of fund and economic stability for supporting refugees needs. World Food Programme (WFP) cuts food support for refugees (Joint Agency, 2015) which shown numbers 69 percent lessen the number of meals in a day, 58 percent tighten meal portion, and 89 percent lack of food or fund to obtain food (p.12). Hence, the author recommended that government or communities should support refugees to be more independent by giving them opportunities to work (p.15). The opportunities not only help refugees on their living, at the same time it also benefits country economic growth with their proficiency and competency.
Equality in human rights for refugees has taken into concern. Equality is being treated equally as ordinary human being regardless of the status of refugees. Refugees in detention claimed inequality is lack of respect. One of the interviewees, Ibrahim responded to how he wanted to feel human: “To be respected as a human. To be treated as a human.” (Fiske, 2016, p.22). Justice is essencial in human rights where it establishes fairness and equality to everyone instead of using force treatment. Harvey (2015) stated human rights under Convention rights should be rational and judicious to assure the Court carry to rights-reinforcing jurisprudence (p.9). Besides, for refugees to get residency permit and access to services turned out to be inequality between registered refugees in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and those staying outside the camp (Joint Agency, 2015, p.5).
Aside from the basic need of human being, education is one major rights refugee parents has been seeking for their children under the human rights. According to Joint Agency (2015), refugee children has poor chance accessing to education such as formal school system or other educational support programmes due to administrative obstruction, incompetence to pay for education fees or transport and other barriers (p.8). Furthermore, they suggested solution for refugees from Syria to access basic services including education, healthcare and housing adequately and affordably support by international donors (p.15). Additionally, they recommended to offer subsidiary protection or humanitarian admission which has included academic scholarship opportunities, which under Refugee Convention (p.16).
On the report of Fiske (2016), self-harming rate are higher in detention than asylum-seeker and refugee numbers outside detention, and that misunderstood as poor mental health. However, most refugee interviewees explained that was a way to gain recognition and to feel alive. An interviewee, Sam whom has never self-harm explained on behalf of other detainees who were self-harming, that they feel self-actualized having power over something like on their body (p.23). Osman, another interviewee said he feel proud of himself although they didn’t meet the aim of protest, yet he did something that other free people would do (p.22). No matter self-harm or protest that other might think are unworthy, yet there are another meaning for detainees to feel humanized and recognized.
On the whole, human rights are one privilege as human being, especially for refugees whom was forced to flee to other country. Refugees forced to stay in a strange country which they hardly get authorized and being treated like normal people. Hence, refugees seek asylum for international protection from persecution outside their home country. The needs of living and the rights to access services like medical care, education, work, freedom of movement and other necessities should be provided to refugees. Government and communities should take these serious issues into account to give support to refugees on their basic needs like the other host community. Offer refugees opportunities to earn income and independently support their living. Nonetheless, treat refugees with respect like a human despite their authority as a refugee.


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