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Last updated: February 7, 2019

Research gapRecycling, is probably one of the best ways in providing a positive impact to the environment. Recycling could change trash into reusable materials. One of which is aluminum having a light weight but many uses. Recycling aluminum cans could conserve energy (Discovery Education, 2016). Aluminum is said to be a good conductor of electricity which is also better than the copper. This property of aluminum make itself the material of choice to achieve energy efficient system such as electrical transmission, heat transfer and storage of electricity (Brandtzæg, S.V.

, 2012). Renewable energy sources in the form of wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass provide a significant amount of energy, namely electricity and heat. But aluminium plays an important role as one of the key materials in a wide range of renewable energy systems, namely solar thermal collectors, wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, solar cookers and concentrating solar thermal power plants (Bödeker, J.M., Bauer, M., Pehnt, M., 2010).

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About 1.6 billion people presently have no access to electricity since 1970. By 2030 it is expected that 1.4 billion people will still lack electricity (IEA, 2002). Even those who have access to electricity still rely on traditional biomass as their alternative source-such as crop residues, firewood.

Governments from other countries have redoubled their awareness that electric services can play in promoting human development. Many countries have attempted extensive reforms in how they organize their electric power sector. In general, these countries have attempted to shift from a state-dominated power system, financed by state funds, to one where the role of private ownership and market forces play a larger role (World Bank, 2002b; Rufin, 2003; Victor and Heller, eds., 2006).


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